How To Use A Call To Action

Jun 24, 2014

call to action blog graphic

How To Use A Call To Action

A call to action (or CTA) is a button or graphic that prompts the viewer to take action, to become more engaged and work their way through the marketing funnel. It’s a great way to measure what kind of traffic you are getting on your site, but also a way to bump up your e-mail list, so they can learn more about you, your services and so you can grow your leads and of course increase sales conversions. So here are some basic tips to get you started.

The Action: What do you want the call to action to do? Here are a few examples:
Download your FREE report
Subscribe today
Claim your FREE e-book
Get the secret now
Order your copy now
Share with a friend
Share on Facebook
Sign up
Register today
Request a free quote today
The list goes on, but you get the idea – and feel free to get more creative using bold, confident and command type terminology. In other words, be simple and direct.

Think About Your Audience: You have to keep your audience in mind. What would they want or need? What would motivate them to click, sign up, subscribe etc.? It has to have value to your prospect. Be clear about what you are asking them to do and what you are providing. It’s good to keep them guessing in romance – but not for business!

Graphics: We all know that images, fun graphics and bright colors bring more attention – so why not jazz it up! Just make sure it’s not overpowering and the size is proportionate to the rest of the page. You can even get free ‘CTA’ button and templates to download online.

Location, Location, Location: Everyone puts a call to action at the end of the blog – which has its merits. But it’s also good to mix things up, and not be so predictable, as those CTA’s at the end are easy to ignore or not notice as much. Place them on the side of your page, top of the page, place in the middle of your blog or better yet – what about a sliding call to action button that glides across the page?

Careful of the Pop Ups: Pop ups can be handy and bring attention to something important but, having pop ups on every page can be a deterrent and frustrate viewers. After all, you want them to STAY on your site and read more!

Test some calls to action, track them, see what attracts attention. If it’s not working, try something new – a different offer, placing the button in a different place with a new look. The point is to add it to the content you already produce to improve lead conversion.

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