Top “How To’s” To Boost Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement

Boost Twitter Engagement

If you are one of those people who thinks that Twitter is “for twits” — that it’s just another social media site for kids, full of inconsequential information — think again. The Twitter-verse is a very large group of people (500 million users — over half of whom are active) who are interested in knowing what other people are thinking, doing and feeling. In short, it’s a social-media marketer’s dream. When used properly, Twitter can be a great tool to help you engage with your audience. That said, there’s a little more to it than sharing random thoughts. Here are a few tips on how to improve your use of Twitter to help grow your audience, brand and business:

Notifications: Check out your “Notifications” tab and see new followers, who retweeted or favorited your posts recently:

    • follow the new people who are now following you
    • send them a DM (direct message) to direct them to a free download, your Facebook page or website
    • for those who favorited/retweeted something, view their profile page, thank them with a DM, reply, or return the courtesy of their follow and check out their posts to see if there is anything that is suitable for you to favorite/retreat or comment on

Tweet: Good manners go a long way on #Twitter — DM a thank-you to new followers and watch your audience grow! @ssonlinesupport

Follow vs Following: Make sure the numbers are fairly close (within a 100 or so). You don’t want to follow more accounts than the number of folks following you: Tweet: Looking to boost your #Twitter audience? Keep “Follow” and “Following” numbers within 100 of each other. @ssonlinesupport

  • click on “Following” so you see all the people you are following. You’ll notice that some say “Follows You” — and you should keep these! 
  • once a day — or as time permits — you may need to “Unfollow” some who are not following you back (just don’t “Unfollow” those you have JUST started to follow — you need to give them a chance to follow you back!)

Recommend: On the right-hand side you’ll see the “Who To Follow” section. You can see a few right now and do a “View All” to see the whole list. Follow those who are suitable to your business:

  • it’s a good idea to add at least five to 10 per day, always keeping an eye on the “Follow” vs “Following” numbers  

Tweet: Build your #Twitter audience — check your “Who to Follow” section and add five to 10 accounts each day  @ssonlinesupport

Home Page: Go to the “Home Page” where you can see the newsfeed and posts of those you follow:

  • Here you can comment (using the “Reply” button) and/or “Favorite” any posts you like.
  • Retweet only the tweets you think would be suitable for YOUR audience and be sure to retweet only a couple at a time (you don’t want to overwhelm your followers — think of the notifications they may receive!)

The name of the game is gaining more followers — so they can get to know you and your biz and hopefully become a new customer or client! But hey — have fun with it, enjoy the posts and interaction. Twitter can be a good return on time investment but it can be enjoyable too!

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