The Importance of Video Marketing & Streaming

importance of video marketing

The importance of online video marketing and live video streaming.

In the fast paced world of internet technology, it seems just as a business starts using one marketing possibility there is a newer and better option available. The importance of video marketing is huge – but live streaming video is even bigger! This is certainly true for those businesses taking advantage of webinars for marketing, product explanation, or consumer education.

There are so many options – including the big trend now of live streaming video. While they are similar in many ways, video streaming offers benefits that are simply not possible through the traditional webinar platforms.

Some of the advantages of using live streaming for meetings, marketing presentations or collaborations include:

  • Increasing access to information – by streaming live video anyone with permission to access the information, or you can even choose to make it public – open for anyone to join in and watch.
  • Recording ability – since live streaming video can be recorded, it can be used for training, promotions, marketing opportunities or even public consumption by simply posting the recording online. It gives you the ability to promote it again and again and increase your exposure to other avenues – ie your email list, social media and so forth.
  • Increased presentation options – with live streaming, presenters can include a wide range of different types of media for content. It is possible to create a very professional presentation at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone, and with the new streaming options, it is very low cost.
  • Reducing costs – for business meetings, collaborative projects and even training across locations, regions or even countries, live streaming saves the costs of travel without losing that sense of interaction and participation that is so common with other types of online events.
  • Accessing information from all devices – with live streaming, any type of device, including Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, will be able to access the presentation or meeting. There is no software to download and all users have to do is have the access code to the session or have an internet connection.
  • Expand your network, to communicate in a more personal way for remote meetings, and to simply have that visual and voice contact when collaborating with colleagues in different locations or even in different parts of the building.
  • Greater connection and engagement – an immediate way to connect with your followers, your customers and audience. It’s in the now – and they get to see you as you are, helping to build that element of trust, build the relationship and share your content.

Even Facebook is now getting into Live streaming videos to compete with Periscope. Now that you know the importance of video marketing and how live streaming can take you to the next level – let’s live in the moment, share our content with the world and see where this crazy live streaming takes us!

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