From Imposter Syndrome to Podcast Agency Owner

Jul 10, 2023

Imposter Syndrome to Podcast Agency Owner

Check out my latest podcast interview on Empire Life Podcast with Allison Ramsey!

Running a business (and balancing life as a working mom) is quite the roller coaster – and it’s not always a smooth path. 

There are so many times that I literally felt sick to my stomach before being a guest on a podcast, doing a video, stepping on stage, launching something new… but I did it anyway. 

I had a great chat with Allison Ramsey about growing a business and shared my journey of exporting trucks in a past business (weird right?), to part time jobs when the kids were small to starting my VA firm and now podcast agency. 

Quite the ride!

What topics came up?

  • Morning routines (I’m not putting mine on Insta and here’s why..)
  • How I stay productive and plan my day
  • How I find balance and set boundaries for myself
  • My journey and how I went from exporting trucks to running a podcast agency
  • How I manage my team and what tools I use. 

Let’s dive right into this exciting episode!

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Or listen to the episode on Allison’s site or Spotify.




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