Improving your financial bottom line with Brent McClure

Jul 10, 2018


Bottom Line

Today we are chatting with Strategic Business Advisor | Public Speaker | Executive | CPA Brent McClure who helps businesses surpass their financial goals through leadership coupled with strategic planning and execution. Today he’s going to share how outsourcing your accounting and financial services can improve your bottom line. 

  • When you say ignoring your “back office” can ruin your business, what does that mean and how does it affect our bottom line?
  • You, of course, promote outsourcing accounting and financial services for your small business, how is it beneficial to us?
  • Why do we avoid our finances?
  • How often should we look at our finances?
  • You offer CFO services for businesses – I’ve never heard of that – typically you hear big companies have a CFO, but that’s about it – how does having access to a CFO help your business?

Brent McClure is not your typical CPA. He is a visionary, a change agent, and paradigm breaker for the accounting profession as well as businesses across multiple verticals. Brent, in essence, grew up in his family grocery store and took a love of business from an early age and turned it into his future.A results-oriented Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 20 years of success, Brent crosses many business verticals: financial services, construction, SaaS, retail, distribution, manufacturing, oil & gas, and technology industries.

Brent leverages his extensive experience to help businesses improve profitability, increase their capacity, develop sustainability and ensure necessary compliance all while achieving a greater return on investment. In his experience, Brent has learned that hiring a CFO isn’t something many small or medium sized businesses can afford, yet many times desperately need. With this knowledge, he started promoting his CFO services as more of an outsourced, a la carte, offering via McClure Consulting & Advisory, LLC.

Now Brent helps businesses surpass their financial goals through leadership coupled with strategic planning and execution. He wants to ensure business leaders and owners no longer ignore the need for robust financial support or the “back office”, finances to their own detriment. where you can access:
10 simple steps for a clean set of books
10 ways to improve your cashflow
Case study how Brent helped a client with his CFO expertise