Income Producing Marketing Funnels with Michelle Evans

Aug 28, 2018


Marketing Funnels

I loved chatting with funnel expert Michelle Evans who is crushing it creating client-generating, income-producing, stress-reducing marketing funnels. She shares her wisdom and here is what we cover:
  • How do people get started with Marketing Funnels?
  • Michelle explains why your goals are crucial.
  • How do you figure out what the right funnel is for you.
  • Where do you START?
  • What is your secret to getting huge open rates in your emails?
  • How do you get into the minds of your audience?
  • Can funnels work without paid advertising?
  • What is the relationship between the two?
  • Why do you need funnels?
  • Michelle shares what retargeting is and how it helps with the success of your funnels.

At the age of 8 Michelle’s entrepreneurial journey began as she enlisted her baby sister to help her sell Campfire candy door-to-door (“she was only 5, with missing front teeth and she was waaaaay cuter than I”). Ever since then, Michelle has been on the hunt for shortcuts to predictably grow her business.

She’s been featured in Mirasee, Huffington Post and 30+ other incredible places around the internet. She has  worked with household names like Microsoft, LinkedIn and more as a well-paid employee and consultant.

Now Michelle works with a fantastic community of business owners – coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, authors and solopreneurs – using her 20+ years of successful marketing experience to create client-generating, income-producing, stress-reducing marketing funnels.

In her non-work time, she has 3 active kiddos and 1 hubby (“and let’s be honest… he’s the biggest kiddo of all”).

They live in a fabulous suburb of Seattle with over 100 winery tasting rooms (yummmmmmy). Every winter she desperately needs a warm, sunny vacation to survive the dark, gray Seattle weather. “I make a mean spaghetti sauce + cheesy meatballs (the only thing all 3 kids will actually eat), and I’m laughably lousy at anything crafty (if you saw my latest Pinterest-inspired craft… well… you’d probably fall off your chair laughing at me)”.