Increase Blog Traffic – a how to guide using SEO Yoast

An easy “how to” guide to increase blog traffic and get more clicks with SEO Yoast

increase blog traffic yoast seoYou put a lot of work into your blog so chances are you want to increase blog traffic to your site with SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can seem overwhelming. You WANT the best search results and you WANT folks to find your business online – but it can be hard deciphering the choppy waters of making that happen! That’s why I love the plugin SEO Yoast.Tweet: I love the plugin SEO Yoast. Here's why: It really lays it all out nicely and walks you through all the steps you can take to optimize your blog and increase blog traffic even more! Let me show you.

Focus Keyword

The first step is knowing your focus keyword for your article. The best way is to use the keyword planner in Google. Yes – that’s a whole other article and topic! Think about what folks search for – what are they wanting and asking google to find articles on. Also – you won’t want to use a basic keyword like Social Media – as everyone and their Aunt Fanny uses that and there is no way you’ll compete to get to the top of the pages in google! Being more specific helps.

Snippet Editor

Next you’ll need to write out the description of the article. This is what shows in a google search – the meta description. You want it to be captivating, explain exactly what the articles is about – BUT you must have the focus key word in the snippet AND you’ll see that there is a guideline on how many words you include. You’ll see the ‘line’ go green when you are in the right zone.

Untitled design (3)

Below all that is the Content Analysis – it labels the elements in red, orange and green according to how well the content stacks up so to speak. You aim for as many greens as possible. Sometimes you are not able to get ALL greens and that’s okay – do your best to get as many as you can. Let me help you decipher them.

Stop Words

Words like “and”, “the”, “a”, “an” which are used frequently, but have little impact. Don’t worry about this one – Google is smart enough to deal with those!

Copy Score

This refers to whether your content language and sentences are easy to read and absorb. Are you using really big lofty or technical terms that will go over folks heads? It checks! Some industries mind you – NEED to use big and techy words – but just keep in mind that your blog is there to inform and education – not show off how great you are at vocabulary and how many ‘big words’ you know.


The images you have on your blog post or page also need to be SEO’d so to speak.Tweet: The images you have on your blog post or page also need to be SEO’d. Read more: You’ll notice there is an ‘edit’ function for any image. The rule refers to the Alt Tag or Alt Text – this is where you put your focus keyword. You can also add a ‘caption’ that goes under the graphic and is visible on the webpage.

Keyword in the url

It’s more beneficial when the focus keyword is in the url. It’s also recommended you break it up with hyphens, i.e., .com/grow-your-business-fast

Text word count

It’s recommended to give good value to ensure your article or content is more than 300 words. This article contained 577 as you can see from the main graphic.

Keyword density

This one is tricky – it asks you to put the focus keyword in the article many times. Somehow I managed to use it 5 times in this article without it looking like I ‘threw’ it in for SEO. It has to seem natural. This sometimes isn’t always feasible – just do the best you can.

Meta description

As mentioned earlier – the snippet or meta description needs to contain the focus keyword.

Page title

It’s ideal that the page title has the focus keyword in it too, much like this page – and at the beginning of the title. This page is targeting the keyword “increase blog traffic” and if you look carefully, you will see that keyword seeded throughout the text and headings, as well as all the important areas like the URL.

It kills creativity that’s for sure. I’ve broken this rule here and there because I think my other title is MUCH catchier and will grab more attention. The good news is you can use a fun Sub Title – #13. Plus you can write anything you want for your social media posts or email blasts!


Page title length

It prefers the title to be between 35 and 65 characters – yes this also snuffs out creativity – BUT the name of the game is SEO here.

First paragraph

It wants you to use the focus keyword in the first paragraph as well – reinforcing that the article is about what the person searched for to begin with. Easily enough done.


You can put in another subheading at the top of the blog page. It says you can use the focus keyword again there – but it’s not crucial. For me – I prefer to use more creativity or have a better explanation of the benefit of said article.

Use of focus keyword

It likes when it’s a new keyword that you’ve used – mixing up articles and giving folks great value.

Meta Description Considerations

They are making sure you are unique and have the ability to set yourself apart from the competition so your page is more clickable and you increase blog traffic to your site.

Again it’s not IMPERATIVE that you reach green in all areas – but it’s a great goal to have if you want to increase blog traffic. It’s a balance, right – between SEO, but also readability, your writing style, capturing and keeping your audience attention. You want to show them you are the expert in your field and give them amazing value. Don’t forget to SEO your video, news, podcast posts and any other posts you have.Tweet: SEO your video, news, podcast posts and any other posts you have. Here's an easy way: You WANT folks to have as many opportunities of finding you and engaging in your content.

For help with your content marketing, implementation of your blogs, increase blog traffic, and social media efforts – know that we at Smooth Sailing Business Growth have your back! Give us a call at 484-284-0933 or go to





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