increase conversion ratesYou have a podcast show or have been a guest on a show and you promote it, but how do you ensure you get conversions from it? This is often a piece that is missed with many podcast hosts and guests, but there are many opportunities that can be leveraged to make efforts to increase conversion rates. Let me share.

Increase Conversion Rates AS A HOST:

Intro/Outro – Be sure to mention your services, how you can help people and where to go during your podcast intro and outro. Get them to take an action.  “Go here to grab your free copy of xyz.” This is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates.

Commercial – Don’t be afraid to have a commercial during the middle or near the end of your show. You may not want to tackle this when you launch your show, but after you’ve been podcasting a while it’s a great step to interject into your show.  You can simply have an audio clip that shares one of your products or services and how it helps. Just make sure it’s not long – 30 seconds is great to get your message across. 

Podcast Post CTA – Don’t be afraid to have a call to action on your podcast post on your site. Whether it’s text or a fancy graphic or button, grab someone’s attention and get them to take an action so they can get on your e-list.

Sidebar Widget – Take advantage of the sidebar space on your podcast posts. You can actually change up the sidebars depending on the page you are on, posts and so forth. Ask your developer for details. The key here is to show someone that visits that page HOW to connect with you on social and WHAT free offers you have, whether it’s a checklist, free guide, video series or more.

Pop Up – Don’t be afraid to use those pop-ups. So many entrepreneurs have a pop up on their homepage but nowhere else, yet if you check how many visitors go to your posts, you’ll realize that you may be missing out on a great opportunity! Grab their attention with an irresistible offer that pops up when they visit the post. Top pop-ups convert at a 9.28% according to SumoMe – so if you have 150 visitors per day, that’s 418 more leads per month!

LinkedIn Pulse – Don’t be afraid to use a call to action too on your LinkedIn Pulse post-publication. You should be sharing your podcast there AND also direct people to a great offer, checklist etc to convert them to your e-list.

Increase Conversion Rates AS A GUEST:

Post the episode – Be sure to post the episode you were in on YOUR site as well.  You can share the image, the show notes and then link to the host’s site to listen OR share their iTunes link to listen. This way you can take advantage of the strategies above (Podcast Post CTA, Sidebar Widget, Pop Up) and get more site traffic.

Share a resource – As long as it’s okay with the host, share a free resource with the listeners. Often the host will ask you to share a resource or where folks can go to find you – this is your opportunity to get the listeners to take a specific action. Entice them with a great offer – a roadmap, template, checklist, guide – whatever you think they want so that you can convert them to your e-list.

         HOT TIP – if you share a pretty link for your landing page, you can then track the results of that podcast episode. I share about how to use pretty links on this video here. For example, if you have your specifically for that show’s listeners, you can then look at the statistics in Pretty Link and see how many visitors of those listeners you are getting.

These simple tips (and many of them you set up once and leave and test) can make a HUGE impact, help increase conversion rates, and grow your e-list quickly. A lot of time and effort goes into podcasting so make sure you leverage it to the max!


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