Increase Your Money Making Time With Info Products

Feb 26, 2016

Tips on starting and creating info products to grow your business:

InformationProductEven if you have never heard the term info product, or perhaps information product, you have definitely seen and used one. In the most basic sense, an info product is a way for a professional or expert in an area to make money from turning their knowledge and understanding into a marketable item, or to promote an item.

In the past, info products were most commonly found as printed materials. These including the “how to” types of books such as:

  • How to improve self-esteem
  • How to find a soulmate
  • How to start a consulting business
  • How to market your business

The goal of these info products was, and still is, to make money from the knowledge the author has about a specific topic.

Today, the internet and the use of technology have opened up the door to creating a lot more options in info products. Podcasts, videos, e-books, white papers, audio messages, webinars, virtual training and subscription-based websites.  Info products are often a hard bound booklet or binder, accompanied by a CD or DVD, has an instant digital download feature and often comes with some other bonus material, sold for a fee.

The key benefit to any professional is that these info products become passive income. Once recorded, posted, written, filmed and uploaded they are used over and over again, 24/7 to create income by driving people to your site where they can purchase your goods and services.Tweet: Info Products are to create income by driving people to your site where they can purchase your goods and services.

To get started in developing your own info product consider the following steps:

  1. Develop the concept – what do you want the info product to be about? It should be something that you have the credentials and the knowledge to develop written or other materials that are going to create interest and provide clear information.
  2. Know what is out there – it is important not to recreate an info product that is already out there and successful. Instead, look for that unfilled niche where people need information that is not available or not easily accessible.
  3. Define your target audience – you have to know who you are writing for. Is it for a beginner, someone who is more advanced, a specialized niche bit of knowledge or something that would solve a problem for a particular audience or market. Make sure it’s something that is needed, that your audience would want or need.Tweet: Make sure your #infoproduct is something needed, that your audience would want or need.
  4. Create an outline – once you have an outline of the major concepts, you can start writing the content. Remember, hiring a ghostwriter or co-authoring with another professional is a great idea if writing or producing a video or audio recording script is not something you are comfortable in doing.
  5. Get feedback – as you go along, use a focus group or a trusted person to provide honest and constructive feedback.Tweet: Get feedback 4ur #infoproduct frm focus group/friends to provide honest & constructive feedback

As you develop the info product, continually go back to your original concept and outline and ensure that the takeaways for readers, viewers or listeners are what was promised, is highly informative, and that provides a solution to the problem they are experiencing. When this ties into the products and services you are selling, the info product becomes an invaluable marketing tool.