Google Drive

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host, Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy water of fast paced business growth. Today I’m going to share my screen again and talk about Google Drive, uploading files, and Google Sheets as well. I do get a lot of questions about that, and I do get some of my clients having issues with it, because they can’t, you know, they upload something and they can’t edit it properly, they don’t know how to share it with people, they don’t know how to collaborate, and it’s such a great tool to have and to use, so I figure if some of them don’t know, then maybe you don’t know as well, so I’m happy to help you out. I’m going to share my screen and go from there.

All righty. Let’s move this out of the way. Here in Drive, basically you just go to New, you can create folders here, which I have done for some clients, and upload a file. I’m going to upload a file that I have as a test. Now when I’ve uploaded it it automatically defaulted to a regular spreadsheet that I can edit, share, and, you know, do what I will with it so to speak. Now, once it loads, sometimes it takes a second here, you just hit the share button, and then you enter in someone’s, it has to be a Gmail account, if you want them to edit it, or you can give them a sharable link as well, enter their name and then done. Then if you go to file you can actually email the collaborators, so email all the people that are sharing. You can actually email as an attachment, you can either make it a PDF or an excel, and send that up to whoever you want so they can see it.

I’m going to go, then also with the great thing about Drive is, and their Sheets in their Google Docs, is that as soon as you enter something it automatically saves. You don’t have to, you know, hit a save button or anything, so I’m going to pop out of there. Now every now and then when you upload a document from a drive, it will upload it in a different format. You can see how this one looks a little bit different, that one when you open it is not editable, only viewable. Then you want to open it up in Sheets, and then that’s when you can share, collaborate, edit and all that good stuff. As you can see you can kind of go into it. When you do that, it makes the Sheets version, so that one then you would delete, because you actually have no use for it. Now there are setting in here that allow you to create that setting. Here I have Convert Uploads, I automatically want to Convert Uploads into their editor format.

If you click that button then you won’t have that issue where it uploads into that uneditable version, and then you have to switch it, it just saves time, right. You can also sync it so that you can work offline with any document that you have, and, you know, there are some other settings, you can manage the app notifications, and so forth. Yeah, so you obviously want to do it in the editable format, you can just move them into folders, you can actually share whole folders with other people. If you collaborate as a team with others on various documents where you’re both, you’re all editing, you can all edit one document instead of emailing back and forth, you know, like a yo-yo. Now as I was mentioning how there was that X version, right, in the Sheets version, the same goes for Word. It has two different versions, one that’s not editable and one that is for Word. You want to make sure that it is the editable version.

I’m just going to go back into tests here. Again, any word document, any excel, you can share it, you can actually add comments, there are even chats. You can, if I was sharing it with other people and they were on it right now, you would actually see their little emblem up on here, so you could see other people editing it while you edit it as well. These are the features that I use most and find really helpful with Google Drive. I hope that helps you out. That’s it for this episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I hope you have a profitable and productive week and may the winds be always be at your back. Now if you do want to find more of my videos and blogs and podcast show, make sure you go to That’s L-Y-N-D-S-A-Y Have a great week, guys. See you next week.