Instagram Tools To Grow Your Audience

Feb 28, 2018

Instagram Tools



Are you using Instagram tools to grow your audience?

You can’t ignore the fact that Instagram is ‘all the rage’ – and yes I did just use that phrase lol. It’s not just for the millennials, it’s not just for the young – it IS a viable business marketing platform and it’s taking off by leaps and bounds. Because of this, the number of Instagram tools that are available to make your posts LOOK fabulous, help you engage with others, share posts, and expand your number of followers is staggering. Here are a few of our favorites, as I share what they are and their key features.

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An app you get at the Apple store or Google Play



Boomerang from Instagram is one of the great Instagram tools that makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, then share them with your friends. It creates posts that are moving, more engaging, and fun. Anything to capture someone’s attention is worth using!


  • Take mini videos of your life and yourself using the front and back facing camera. 
  • Download and start capturing immediately. No sign up or account required.
  • There’s just one button! The app takes 10 photos and stitches them together, speeds up the video and smooths out any bumps, then loops it back and forth.
  • Share your videos on Instagram and Facebook right from the app, or share them later from your camera roll.

Regram App:

An app you get at the Apple store or Google Play



Regram makes it easy for Instagram users to download and repost photos , videos and profiles photos while giving credit to the original user. Another of the great Instagram tools!

If you find a post you like just copy the share link and Regram will complete the job for you.
Any shareable link can be downloaded using Regram, even the profile photos.

It’s just like Retweeting in Twitter – same concept. It’s a great way to engage and share content.

FollowRio App:

Follow Rio:

Another of the Instagram tools, Follow Rio, is an auto-follow Chrome Extension. People get notified about your page and start following your page based on your content quality manually. It allows you to target the people you are interested in using a wide range of search options in Instagram.


  • Get unlimited followers
  • Sleep time setting
  • Real-time follow & unfollow report
  • Create whitelist/blacklist for users
  • Use your own IP address
  • Get followers based on hashtags, location or any other search queries

Lnk Bio App:



Share all your Social Media profiles and important links with just one URL. It offers multiple choices to your followers when they click on your Bio link

Got a new sponsored campaign from a client? Just add their link and put it on top of the list. You can also choose to temporarily disable all other links!

  • Create your personal Url and place it in your Instagram Bio.
  • Add as many links as you wish, change them as often as you want.
  • With a cutting-edge interface, followers clicking on your Url will experience a great visual.
  • We use the official Instagram API. We never ask for your password.
  • Cross-link all your social profiles and optimize the engagement across your different channels.
  • One of the instagram tools where you don’t need to install anything, just access anytime via browser from any

You can see my Lnk Bio Link here


One of the instagram tools to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time and not worry about those annoying push notifications to have to make them go live.

It even has image editing tools – bonus!

Albeit – Hootsuite just recently announced that it now posts to Instagram direct – yey!

So dive into Instagram, get posting, get engaging and grow your audience using these killer tools.

Better yet – want the pro’s to do it all for you?  We create the content, publish it, optimize it, boost your followers, increase engagement and make you look good while you grow your business.  Ask us how.  

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