Joining Facebook Groups

Sep 13, 2017

How to grow your business by joining Facebook Groups

fbgroupcontributionIf you are like most entrepreneurs, you are a part of some Facebook Group or another. Yes, Google Now Indexes 620 Million Facebook Groups – that seems like a lot – but there are also 2 billion monthly users on Facebook right now.

What is the motivation to join?

  • Getting questions answered to get more done, and easily
  • Seek advice of those that have been there done that
  • Show your expertise so that YOU can answer questions for people
  • Find great podcast guests *although be aware of group rules!
  • Make great connections
  • Learn from others
  • Discounts on products
  • Exclusive Trainings/Content offered

There are so many great groups out there – you may hear about some from word of mouth, or through an entrepreneur you follow but did you know you can actually search for groups that match specific criteria and meet your interests and goals?

Simply go to

Now there are 3 types of Facebook Groups

Closed – anyone can find the group and see who is in it, but only those IN the group can see the posts

Secret – only those IN the group can find it, see it and the posts

Public – open for the public – anyone and everyone can see and have access to the posts

There are more elaborate privacy settings that you can find HERE 

Who runs the groups? Anyone can create a group. They are called the administrator or moderator. There can even be more than one. They have the right to approve you joining the group and also can kick you out if you aren’t playing by the rules.

Rules – yep – there are always rules. The administrator often pins them to the top of the group or keeps them in a file on the group. The rules often stipulate no profanity, respecting the other members of the group and not promoting yourself left right and center. Often, some groups will have a specific day of the week or month where you can share your latest podcast, a promotion, information about yourself to share with the group. Very gracious and great to take advantage of! It pays to be mindful of the rules. When in doubt you can direct message the administrator and ask if you can post ‘xyz’. They will appreciate the respect you have for their rules!

Engagement – get involved. Comment on others posts, answer questions, and like posts. Let them get to know you and your personality. Serve the other members lending your own experience, knowledge and other connections based on their questions. The more you get involved the better the experience, the connections and the more you will be top of mind!

I’ve often loved what an entrepreneur has shared and I’ve messaged them directly to invite them on my podcast show as I know they have expertise I can share and would also love to learn from.

I’ve also has numerous people tag me and share my information when they are asking for a specific service. Ie – some clients and friends have referred me to other businesses – which has served me well and am very grateful for!

Don’t be afraid to share fun stories or snippets of your day – making it personal (to some degree) helps create that trust and lets people get to know you better.

Resist the urge to join a bazillion groups and then not post in any of them. Join one’s where you know you can serve others and where you can get a wealth of information and connections. Ask your entrepreneurial friends or mastermind members what groups they belong to.

I’d love to hear which are your favorite groups and your experiences – comment below!