How To Just Say Yes To Podcasting (Even if You Are Petrified) with Jim Palmer

Nov 3, 2021

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Just Say Yes To Podcasting!


I’ve seen so many people want to launch a podcast or start guesting, but then don’t. They procrastinate. And one of the biggest reasons is due to fear or limiting beliefs. I felt the same way before I launched my own podcast years ago! 

I chat with Jim Palmer, the Dream Biz Coach, who pushed me to JUST SAY YES – and I’m so glad he did. He’s amazing at helping entrepreneurs get over their fear and take action. Here’s an overview of our conversation.

What are some of the thoughts that are holding people back from launching a podcast?

It almost always comes down to your mindset and limiting beliefs. Many entrepreneurs are worried about their voice or the way they sound or think they’re going to freeze up, but that rarely actually happens. No one is perfect and completely ready before they get started. The secret is to get going to start growing.

Even if you do make a mistake, it’s okay. That’s part of the learning process and everyone has to start at the same point, even the most successful and well-known entrepreneurs struggled in the beginning. 

Jim originally tried to build his business without public speaking but it was like trying to sail while still dragging the anchor behind him. Eventually, he kicked his fear to the curb and took the leap, and it turned out that he was a great speaker that people loved to hear from. 

Don’t sell yourself short. It pays to say yes to adventure in your life. When you accomplish something that you weren’t sure you could do, it builds your confidence and leads to greater things down the road.

Once you start creating your podcast, you’ll connect with people that you’ve genuinely helped and that becomes a major motivation for continuing the work.

When Jim is scared, he uses the mantra “what the heck, do it anyway.” to get himself to take action. It’s never as bad as your fear feels.

One of the things that makes a great coach is experience. Jim started off his business deep in debt and with his own fears and worries and working through experiences with the encouragement of his coaches only makes him more confident in his ability to help other people.

Has anything surprised you about launching and producing a podcast?

One benefit that surprised Jim was the longevity of a podcast episode. When you record a podcast episode, someone could listen to that episode next week, next month, or next year. Jim has been producing videos for years, and he recalls a story of how a client mentioned to him that he had been watching his videos for over 12 months before becoming a client.

Every episode, every video, every interview creates another layer to your brand and your personality.

For someone who hasn’t launched or doesn’t know how to start a podcast, what tips would you recommend for them to take the next step?

The first step is taking the first step. Many people put obstacles in their own way. You don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment to create a podcast that actually helps people. 

The average podcast is a half-hour show with an interview format, but Jim has been helping his clients use an alternative format where they publish short 5-10 minute episodes once a day. The trick is to batch a bunch of episodes during one day of the week and record everything all at once.

There is no set way that you have to create a podcast. The important thing is to own your own media. 

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What tool could you not live without?

Jim’s tool is his team. If you don’t have a team to take care of the production for you, there are a number of free tools like Audacity that you can use to edit your podcast.

Are there any podcasts that you listen to regularly?

Jim listens mostly to Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, and Dean Graziozi while biking in the morning. All three of them play at a very high level, and it’s important to learn from people who have been where you want to go. Find virtual mentors that are doing what you want to do and learn from them.

If you had to create a podcast that’s not about business, what would it be?

Jim would either create a podcast on the Live Aboard lifestyle or pulling the trigger and just saying yes. Don’t wait for someday to take action.


“Go and grow. You can’t grow an online business unless you take the first step and get going.” -Jim Palmer

“It pays to say yes to adventure in your life.” -Jim Palmer

“Every episode, every video, every interview creates another layer to your brand and your personality.” -Jim Palmer

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