Keeping Systems In Place

Jan 11, 2017

systemsKeeping Systems In Place

There are so many tools and systems out there it’s almost mind-boggling. Which systems should you use – which should you try out and see if it makes you more efficient and productive? Well –let me tell you some of my favorites.

Ipiccy/Canva – both of these sites help you create stellar text graphics for your social media systems. You can create collages, superimpose fun images, shapes, vectors, text and branding. Be creative and whimsical – it’ll grab people’s attention.

Basecamp – boy I’d be lost without this system tool! It’s a project management and team communication tool. You create projects, to do’s, tasks, and assign them to your team members with due dates, attachments and comments. It’s easy to stay on track with notifications, a calendar plus sorting your tasks for that given day.

Google – well I could go on here – tons of resources but for now I’ll just mention Gmail. It allows you to bring all your emails that you manage into one central hub so that you can email out as an alias. It has an awesome calendar that integrates with just about everything, is sharable, and gives you email and pop up notifications so you don’t miss a thing. And of course, Google Drive allows you to save documents, spreadsheets, etc so that you can collaborate and update in real-time.

keeping systems


Get Pocket – with all the emails we get each day it’s hard to find time to read everything. There are some amazing articles that come into my inbox though (and I bet yours too!) – so how do you save the article for later? Use Get Pocket – a site that lets you save and book mark sites – easy interface and navigation.

keeping systems

Skype or – it’s so much easier to have a meeting with someone and SHOW them what you are doing with these two goodies. You can share your screen and give a tutorial or be sure you are on the same ‘page’ and edit something together. So many great uses.

Jing – not able to do a live screenshare type meeting? That’s what Jing is for – it records your voice and what you are doing on the screen and records it all – then just share the screencast link for easy tutorials to give your team or clients.

keeping systems

There are so many more systems tools that I could talk about here – like Dropbox, Doodle, We Transfer, Evernote, Slack and more… check them out and see if they can help you be more productive, be more organized and efficient.

Hey – if you know of any share with us too!