Do’s and Don’t To Maximize Landing Page Conversions

Apr 18, 2017

Landing page conversions – are you ready for this?

landing page conversionsLanding pages come in different forms and styles, and choosing the best option is a factor of understanding what you are trying to accomplish on the page and how you wish to direct traffic to the site.

Thinking about the ONE action you want someone to take is key -whether it’s giving you their name and email (to get on your e-list so you can nurture them and market to them) to get a FREE gift (report/ video series/ cheat sheet etc) OR sign up for a FREE online event.

A lead magnet, which is what I’m focusing on here, is a promo or offer that will draw in new customers – which is why the term is so descriptive and easy to remember. In order to get the promo or item that is of value and attractive to the visitor to the site, she or he has to give you something in return.

landing page conversions

That something in return is what is of value to you. At the very least it is an email address to use in your email marketing campaign. In the best-case scenario, it provides specific information about the customer that allows you to precisely target their individual passions, interests, and needs.

A lead magnet landing page is not just your standard website page that has sidebars, tons of links, menu bars etc. Instead, it is a web page that highlights the value of the promo and provides a tool that is of interest to the customer. It has one goal in mind and has ONE action or set of instructions for the viewer.

The question is – what makes a good, effective landing page to boost conversions?

What Works

To create a lead magnet page that works add the following:

  • Something of value – a white paper, a free trial, an app, a demo, a checklist or other helpful tool
  • Offer a coupon or website deal – by entering an email new or existing customers have immediate access to a coupon
  • Have a quiz, survey or test – this helps your CRM software to organize email newsletters by interests and demographics
  • Keep it simple – remember, people will only look for about 5 seconds, make it easy for them to find the information they need
  • Have a catchy heading -but make it fairly short and succinct so that it’s clear what they are getting. Ex: Free Download – Marketing Checklist
  • Make the sub title focused on the benefit (example – get X so that you don’t have to Y and get Z) Use the marketing checklist to stop the marketing struggle and create powerful, effective marketing consistently to bring in more leads. It showcases what it is, what problem it will solve and what great solution it will provide.
  • List the benefits of what they’ll get from the lead magnet – but be sure to showcase that in bullets and also bold the words that are key so it stands out to someone that is skimming.
  • Always have a graphic of the lead magnet so they can visualize it, see the value and know what they are getting
  • Try to have the ‘sign up’ box in the top fold of the landing page. You don’t want to make them scroll WAY down to hunt for the ‘how to get it’ part.
  • Showcase WHY it’s good to grab the lead magnet – either why it works, testimonials, social proof, your expertise for example
  • Make the call to action SUPER clear. Ie: Get Instant Access HERE, Download Now, Claim Your Copy Here, Register Now. Be simple but be direct.

landing page conversions

What Not To Do

There are also some issues with a landing page that can be tanking your conversion rates on your site. Check the following issues and make corrects to boost page views and conversions:

  • Long pages with lots of text and too much going on
  • Using text without any images or too many images without enough text
  • The title on the landing page doesn’t highlight the value-added magnet item
  • Minimizing or lacking focus on how to provide information to take advantage of the free offer or benefit
  • Too many choices for free offers – when folks have more than option they more often than not bail and do nothing

An added tip – do some A/B testing. Do the same page with different headings and see which one converts better. Or change up the graphic, or the benefit bullets. This will give you a clear picture of what is appealing to your target audience and what will help them to connect with your landing page. If you have 700 visitors on the landing page and only 50 have signed up – then you KNOW something needs to change. Change one thing – test for a week, then test something else. It sometimes takes tweaking to get it right.

landing page conversions