Top 10 Ways to Launch Your Info Product

Feb 26, 2016

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You have an idea for an info product, or perhaps you’ve already got one in production. What a great way to have a lower tiered product to bring people into your sales funnel and engage in your content! It’s also a fabulous way to show that you are an expert in your field! So now that you have one – what next? Most entrepreneurs create a launch – and sometimes even a pre launch (which I will talk about next week).Tweet: For #infoproducts, most #entrepreneurs create a #launch (or a pre launch) What can that entail? Keep reading!

Launch Your Info Product Checklist

1 – Sales Page: Create a long sales page for your product. Cover what the pain point is (the emotional trigger that will make them keep reading to find your solution), why they would want to buy, what’s included, some testimonials would be great and of course a call to action to buy. Tip – you may wish to purchase a domain JUST for that info product sales page versus using a longer url (ie vs – much more succinct and easier to promote on social media or videos.
2- Launch Offer: It’s a great idea to offer a discounted price during launch time, for a 2 week or month period.Tweet: Tip: Offer a discounted price during #launch time, for a 2 week or month period. #prelaunch Show that it’s regularily $x.00 but for a limited time it’s $x amount, with a $x savings. Sometimes folks offer a ‘bonus’ too to entice people to buy during launch period – an action template or a bonus video for example.
3 – Press Release: If you have a PR firm – they’ll likely want a Press Release done up for your launch – on the product and how to find it and what it will solve for people.
4 – Teasers: Send out an email, ezine mention or social media posts to say you’ll be launching a new product coming soon that will help them with xyz. They’ll be waiting for the LIVE website and product when it is released.
5 – Social Media: Make sure you do a full LinkedIn Post article about the product and your launch. You can even do a ‘coming soon type’ post – I launch this tomorrow, then on launch day – so excited to release my new xyz product. Create hype and anticipation! Schedule social media posts on all your platforms. Remember to keep the focus on the why (why they need it) and the benefit to your audience.
6 – Videos & Podcasts: Don’t forget to cover the product on your videos and even any podcast interviews to gain traction that way. Steer them to the Sales Page!
7 – Virtual Event: Have a free online virtual event covering some of the main points in your info product to bring in more leads in your sales funnel, plus create more interest in your info product. The call to action at the end of the teleseminar or webinar would be to buy your info product. Tip – if you use systems like WebinarJam you can have a buy button built right into your webinar!
8 – Your List: Don’t forget your followers and list – put a recommend or mention in your weekly ezine and send out some emails to your list about the product with a lead in that plays to the problem you are solving or pain point.
9 – Blogs: Write blogs related to the topic you are teaching in your info product. Promote your blogs as normal. BUT – at the end of the blog – have a great bright call to action to get them to the sales page of the info product.
10 – Website: Be sure to have information on your regular site about your info product -so when folks are perusing your site or coming in through some other avenue or links (organically), they find out about it there too. Have some brief info and link to the Sales Page OR have the menu item link directly to the Sales Page (that would be ideal).
So these are a few ways you can push your info product, launch it – and get more exposure and more sales! Good luck and if you need any help getting your info product in the hands of your audience – don’t hesitate to reach out – you can find me at  Tweet: Reach out if you need help with your #launch - find me at