From Fear To Launching & Leveraging A Podcast

Nov 13, 2023

Launching & Leveraging A Podcast

Not only did I do a podcast trailer swap with Adam Baruh of Beyond The Microphone Podcast, but we did a podswap! I loved sharing my journey, the courage needed to start a podcast and put myself out there. We also talked about how to leverage a podcast to grow, create authority boosting content and more. 

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Key Points:

  1. [00:00:00] Introduction to Lyndsay Phillips and her podcast, Leverage Your Podcast Show.
  2. [00:01:00] Adam Baruh discusses the importance of emotional courage in starting a podcast and shares his personal journey into podcasting.
  3. [00:03:00] Lyndsay Phillips shares her journey into podcasting, from being told by her coach to start a podcast to becoming a successful podcaster.
  4. [00:07:00] Transitioning from a content marketing firm to a podcast-focused business. Lyndsay discusses the importance of niching down for business growth.
  5. [00:11:00] The importance of looking at podcasting from a holistic marketing perspective and setting realistic expectations.
  6. [00:13:00] How PodTask can help streamline podcasting process and simplify workflow.
  7. [00:15:00] The challenges and victories in podcasting. Lyndsay shares her insights on staying on top of changes in the industry and celebrating milestones.
  8. [00:19:00] Strategies for growing a podcast audience, including emailing your own list, setting expectations with guests, and making it easy for guests to share the episode.
  9. [00:21:00] Dealing with burnout and overwhelm in podcasting. Lyndsay shares her advice on outsourcing and automating tasks.
  10. [00:25:00] Mitigating budget concerns when outsourcing podcast tasks. Lyndsay suggests focusing on the most strategic uses of your time and systemizing tasks.


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