Do you want to create content that generates more leads? 

You’ve come to the right place! You don’t want to create content for the sake of it, you want to create content that attracts your ideal client, that brings them into your world so you can showcase your talents and solutions to help and impact more people. 


Blogging is the biggest form of content marketing because Google likes fresh content on your website, and when promoted correctly, it brings a stream of organic traffic to your site, boosting your SEO. It showcases you as an expert in your field, helps to build trust with your audience and allows you to make offers, with powerful call to actions.

Content Creation: We are partnered with writers and copywriters to create the articles for you. We can help suggest the topics based on your customer avatar, your expertise and your sales goals. 

Publishing: We publish in WordPress (and other platforms), complete with featured images.

SEO: We SEO the post using SEO Yoast to optimize your blog.

Optimize: We can optimize with more images, Click To Tweets for increased engagement and sharability, call to action buttons and more.

Promote: We create, implement and publish the promotion through social media and emails, including graphics.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a powerful form of content marketing and is becoming the TOP strategy when it comes to showcasing your expertise, creating engagement and building trust and relationships online. Here is how we can help through video:

Build Your YouTube Channel: Not only can we create it but we know how to build it and optimize it to focus on your customer avatar, their needs and your sales goals.

Publish & Optimize: We publish your videos so that they are optimized for YouTube Search Engines. Their rankings are separate from Google, which include title, description, playlist choice and tags. 

Publish On Your Site: Depending on your goals, you may wish to publish your videos and embed them on your website to increase traffic to your site and have more content available to your website viewers. We publish it while optimizing it for Google’s SEO.

Promote: We promote your videos in a way that is customized based on your goals. Whether your goals are website traffic, video views, YouTube subscribers, we share either the YouTube video, your webpage or upload the video direct. 

Plan, Schedule & Promote Live Facebook Events: You can’t ignore the power of Live Facebook Events. We help plan, schedule and promote your events to get more exposure, ensure branding is consistent and your message is heard!


With over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes and 124 million of the US population has listened to a podcast, so as you can imagine, podcasting continues to be on the rise as a highly effective content marketing strategy. 

Whether you want to create a podcast show, have one currently or wish to be a guest sharing your expertise on shows, we cover all the bases. If you simply want to book & record the interview and leave the rest up to us,  to free up your time to focus on revenue-generating tasks, we’ll give you peace of mind knowing it’s all handled with ease.

Podcast Launches: From the intro, podcast script, show description, planning, cover art, episode art and set up in iTunes, audio hosts like Libsyn and other directories, we create your podcast from scratch. 

Editing & Production: From simple mixing with intro, outro segments, to full editing and adding other audio or commercial segments, we also equalize, compress your voice and add material in to fit your format. 

One Sheet & Press Pages: If you are planning to be a guest on other shows, then you’ll need the all-important one sheet and a press page to share your expertise,  your bio, list of topics and interview questions to look your very best. 

Hosting & Distribution: We publish the podcast in the host of your choice (although Libsyn is preferred) and distribute it to your directories which can include iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more. 

Artwork: We create custom episode graphics for both hosted podcasts and interview style podcasts to match your branding and style, to showcase the episode in the best possible way.

Guest Services: We not only acquire the bio and headshot from your guest, but we can confirm the interview with your guest and provide interview details, plus inform your guest when the show goes live with links, images and click to tweets, giving your guests a seamless and professional experience. 

Show Notes: Show notes give the audience a chance to access content quicker. It showcases what is covered in the episode to attract them to listen. It boosts SEO and allows you to grow your audience with shared content. We have numerous formats and can include time stamps. 

Publish: One of the benefits of podcasting is organic traffic to your site and SEO, so of course we publish your podcast on your website. We have numerous podcast players that we work with (our favorite is Simple Podcast Press) and showcase the graphic, audio, summary/show notes and links.

Promote: What’s the point of podcasting if you don’t promote it! We promote through LinkedIn Pulse publishing, email marketing, and of course social media, complete with applicable hashtags and tagging of the guest/host, to increase your exposure. 

Podcast Guesting: We don’t forget those that are guests on other shows! We track which shows you are on and communicate with the host. Once it’s LIVE, we publish it on your website and promote it! 

Social Media

Social Media can feel overwhelming, with so many platforms, wondering what to post, what works, what doesn’t, how to get engagement and well, just having the time to create it all! This is where we shine. 

Content Creation: We create custom content to ensure it showcases your expertise, shares information that your audience wants and needs, is shareable and engaging, shares your content and pushes traffic to your website and builds relationships. 

Graphics: We create graphics to showcase your posts. We want to hook your audience to click on the link, we want them to interact, get engaged and also share some great quotes, tips and inspiration. 

Increase Leads: We use social media to boost your e-list and get more leads into your funnel, whether you have an event coming up, webinar, or have fantastic free resources to share. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Meanwhile, we take your content marketing strategy into consideration, your branding, unique selling proposition and business growth goals. All content is intertwined, so we look at the whole picture to ensure that your branding is spot on and all is working in tandem to maximize your sales funnel and goals. 

We also love to leverage your content and recycle it in numerous ways to increase your visibility even more, save time and money and increase exposure. Next we’ll analyze your results and insights to see what is working and not working and course correct to maximize results. 

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