Lead Generation Marketing and Sales through LinkedIn

Feb 6, 2018


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Today we are chatting about lead generation marketing and sales through LinkedIn with Jimena Cortes, published author, international speaker, and entrepreneur, who is the founder of Wizard Media, and expert in generating high value leads on LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Marketing Questions We Cover:

  • You help businesses get more clients using LinkedIn, Google and strategic sales processes. Your clients on average get an ROI of 300% or more on their marketing campaigns. Killer! Why is LinkedIn a key platform for success?
  • Is LinkedIn built for more corporate industries or is that a myth and why?
  • What are TWO key things that entrepreneurs SHOULD do in LinkedIn for their lead generation marketing?
  • What strategy can we apply today that will help with our sales conversions in LinkedIn
  • What insights does LinkedIn supply that we should be watching and using to tweak our message/strategies
  • What is Sales Navigator and how can that help with our sales?


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