Using Your Podcast For Effective Lead Generation

Oct 26, 2022

Lead Generation

How can you do lead generation as a podcast host, podcast guest or both? Content Strategist and Tiny Marketing Show host Sarah Noel Block tells it all in this episode!

Learn about how to approach lead generation, the type of resources that convert well and about all the dos and don’ts to grow your email list and get an ROI from your lead gen endeavors.

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Why Sarah Noel Block Decided to Start a Podcast

  • She was already interviewing a ton of experts for her YouTube channel and thought she might as well repurpose that content for a podcast.
  • Now, her podcast is doing way better than her YouTube channel.
  • Most people are finding Sarah because of her podcast but then they start watching the video show too.


Sarah’s Favorite Way of Getting Leads From Podcasts

  • Using a lead generator, a free resource she gives in exchange for someone’s email address, is Sarah’s main way to generate leads.
  • The lead generator is on the show notes page but it can also be on a specific landing page that’s tailored to a podcast you’re on – and it has a tracking URL that makes it easier to track how the resource and funnel are performing.
  • The last five clients Sarah has acquired, found her through her podcast.

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Common Lead Generation Mistake

  • Don’t go on podcasts and say ‘visit my homepage’ or ‘visit my Facebook page’ as the Call-to-Action. Try to offer something of value.
  • And, even better, make that “something of value” an asset that lets you grow your email list (and nurture those who subscribe to it).
  • Email has the highest ROI so you should focus on getting email addresses whenever you can, be it through your own show or someone else’s.


The Kind of Lead Magnets That Work Best for Sarah

  • Sarah is a huge fan of webinars and she loves the fact that they have the greatest return for her, especially when partnering up with someone.
  • eBooks are another type of lead generator that has worked well for Sarah.

What Comes After a Lead Generator?

  • Having an email funnel that’s connected to the lead generator is key to generating an ROI.
  • You can use a tracking code (e.g. a Google campaign URL or a Bitly link) to see where the traffic a specific landing page is getting comes from.
  • Whether it’s directly or through a platform like Zapier, you should make sure that, once set up, your funnel goes to your email marketing platform – this is an important step to avoid losing leads.
  • Next, have a Welcome email, followed by a nurturing sequence or a sales sequence.
  • Sarah likes to mix and match, so she may have three nurturing sequences followed by a sales one.
  • Consistency is important, and that’s why Sarah talks to her audience every week (her email newsletter goes out every Tuesday).


The Thing About Email Deliverability

  • Having good email deliverability isn’t easy, especially with iOS updates and things of sort.
  • Sarah recommends not putting your lead generator on the Thank You page people see after they sign up for your email list, rather to have it be sent by email for people to download.
  • Doing that will decrease the chances of your emails going to spam and it will increase your future email deliverability.
  • Sending emails on the same day of the week and around the same time will help your deliverability.
  • For Sarah, you should avoid sending nurturing emails on Mondays or Fridays, better to send those out either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


What to Include in Your Nurture Emails

  • When she worked as a Marketing Director in the corporate world – and before she was doing email marketing – Sarah often found herself confused as to what to include in her emails.
  • Things are crystal clear now! Sarah recommends considering what your podcast looks at in an episode (or in a few episodes) and discuss that in your email, all while adding value and educating your audience.
  • The same goes for interviews you do as a guest, leverage that content in your emails.
  • Try to dissect an episode and get little bite-sized nuggets people can learn from.
  • You can add a video, a button or something else in your email that is linked to and directs people toward the content (e.g. podcast episode).
  • You don’t need to take yourself so seriously – it’s ok to include memes, GIFs, etc. in your emails, as long as they’re in line with your brand.

Sarah’s Content Approach Explained

  • First, she creates one piece of core content, typically a video interview.
  • Next, she repurposes it into her podcast and short YouTube videos.
  • Then, out of that content, she aims at getting about a dozen social media posts and at least three emails for her list.
  • That episode can send people to a video, the podcast or even some gifts Sarah makes available to her community.
  • Sarah often looks at her analytics to see what’s interesting to her audience and what isn’t; what works in terms of lead generation, conversions and ROI, and what doesn’t work.

“Don’t take for granted the fact that people may know what you do… make sure to tell your subscribers about the products and services you offer through your email.”

It’s Your Job to Tell Them!

  • You can even utilize flash sales and other limited-time campaigns to create a sense of urgency.
  • Remember: you need to have a clear CTA at the end of your emails or people who know what you’d like them to do.
  • Another strategy you can use to try to generate leads and make sales is lead scoring. 
  • Email marketing software like Active Campaign, for instance, lets you do that.
  • And lead scoring is something that can easily be paired with outbound – getting in touch with someone who has a certain score is an avenue worth exploring.
  • Using a CRM will help you with all of this. Keep in mind that there are plenty of options on the market, from something as big and expensive as HubSpot to something more wallet-friendly and tailored to medium-size and small businesses.


A Huge Mistake Some Podcasters Make

  • If you don’t have a distribution strategy for your show, you’re taking the risk of not fully making the most of the time and effort you put into creating content.
  • Create reels, Shorts or clips, or anything else that makes sense for your audience and that you can easily create based on the core piece of content.
  • When you’re being interviewed for someone else’s show, “borrow their audience”. Use a lead generator to grow your list, because there’s money in the list.
  • And don’t forget: if you’re not giving the audience a next step, you’re actually doing them a disservice.


About Sarah

Sarah Noel Block, founder of Tiny Marketing and a Content Strategist and Writer. helps agencies, marketing departments, and solopreneurs create consistent content, resulting in increased Know/Like/Trust factor, web traffic, and engagement.

How do you get leads from podcasts?

How do you nurture those leads?

What is the best way to convert a lead to a prospect?


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