Lead Generation

The first step in any sales funnel is attracting new leads. Whether it’s live webinars, online trainings, evergreen webinars, e-books, checklists or any other kind of lead magnet we help implement it from start to finish. 

Content Creation: We work with writers and copywriters if you need the material written from scratch, whether it’s an e-book, report or checklist. We ensure it’s branded, has the perfect message, showcases you as an expert and has a strong call to action. 

Webinar Set Up: We work with WebinarJam, Zoom and other providers to set up your webinar, ensure there is registration, tracking, reminders, text message reminders and all the moving pieces needed to make your online event a success. 

Lead Generation Funnels: We write the copy for the landing page, the follow-up autoresponders, reminder emails, and promotion. We handle all the moving pieces.  For your lead magnets, we also create indoctrination campaigns, engagement sequences so that they digest the item the downloaded and push them to the next portion of your sales funnel. 

Landing Pages: Every lead magnet needs a landing page. We work with Infusionsoft, Click Funnels, LeadPages and more to create branded landing pages that bring conversions. This includes the thank you page and any other upsells you may have. 

Graphics: We have a graphic designer on our team to create the lead magnet covers, images or any other graphics needed for your lead magnet and campaign. 

Promotion: Whether it’s through social media, website sidebars, and pop-ups, or email marketing we promote your lead magnet to optimize conversions. We create the content, graphics and preschedule all pieces. 

Partner with Facebook and PPC Experts: We partner with the best Facebook Ad experts, and Google Ad Pay Per Click experts, to meet your lead generation and sales goals. We ensure the messaging and branding is on point, the ads are working in tandem with your sales funnels, while the Ad experts focus on what they do best.

Let us help showcase you as an expert, attract more leads and acquire customers faster!