What Types of Lead Magnet Will Grow Your REI Business

Mar 20, 2020

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What Types of Lead Magnet Will Help You Grow Your REI Business

Having a lead magnet, an optin and way for your prospects to get on your Email List is key to nurturing and growing your Real Estate Investing Business. You may be asking yourself, but what do I give away or share to entice folks to get on my list?
Aaron and Lyndsay share practical ideas for different types of Real Estate Investing Industries in this week’s episode. They touch upon HOW to find out what topic will attract more of your ideal clients or leads.
A few things to consider are understanding WHO your ideal client is, what are their biggest pain points that you can solve and also what service will this lead magnet lead to. How will it push them through your sales funnel and move your business forward?

Lead Magnets ideas:

  • Ebook
  • E-Course (example 5 day e-course drip)
  • Video Training
  • Video series
  • Swipe & Deploy Forms
  • Quiz
  • Checklist
  • Swipe & Deploy Template
  • Processes/Systems you use
  • Get on E-List to receive notices on upcoming deals
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