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Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of my video show. Today, I want to talk to you about LeadPages and Leadboxes. It’s more than just a landing page system. It actually has a lot of other great features, too, in there. One of them is LeadBoxes, so you can have pop-up opt-ins on your landing page, but you can also add pop-in opt-in boxes on your website as well using the landing pages that you have built in LeadPages.

Let me share my screen and show you how to do that.

You’re used to and you’re familiar with LeadPages and their templates, but there’s also LeadBoxes as well and that’s what they call those pop-up boxes. You simply just create a lead box. Now, I have started one here and it will just open up and it’s super easy to do. You can make them really customized however you want it to look.

Here are all the widgets and the elements. You basically drag and drop these elements over. Now, this doesn’t have an image for instance so I would drag that over. I’ll double-click it and then upload a picture.

You can

  • change this statement
  • throw in a line
  • put in a video
  • drag things over and change the button, change the language that’s on the button, the color of the button and then any other elements that are on it.

Now, when you do click on that button, this “edit your form” pops up. This is where the meat of the box is where it integrates with your email server and so forth. Obviously, I’m going to give it a name. You can ask it to notify you on a specific email address or you can add in your integration so if you pick Infusionsoft and then you’re going to pick whatever your email list is inside your email server so that it adds that person to that list.

Once you do that, it will sync as to what fields you have. If in your form you’ve got first name, last name, email, this will automatically populate. Then if you go in the follow-up section, you generally want to send the user to another URL and that would be the thank you page and then you save and close the form.

Again, you can change the layout.

  • You can add a section.
  • You can add rows so it is crazily customizable as to how you want it to look.

Once you’re done, you simply publish it.

The other element is going into the backend of your WordPress site. You do need to integrate and upload that plug-in in your WordPress site. LeadBoxes I think it’s called. Once that’s in there when you’re in the backend of WordPress, that’s where you set up the functionality as to where you want that pop-up box to go so if you only want it on your homepage, if you only want it to pop up for people on your blogs or posts, if you want it to show up as soon as they go onto your website, if they scroll halfway down or if they’re on your page for, I don’t know, 10 seconds or maybe they only see it once or maybe they see it every time they visit your website. It’s in that plug-in in the backend of your WordPress where you alter those settings.

I know I’ve used this for plenty of other clients. If you have webinars or reports or free video series that you have a specific landing page for and you’re promoting on social media, maybe you’re doing some Facebook ads, you can also add a pop-up opt-in box on your website for those landing pages too, obviously, increase your conversion and increase the number of people that go on your webinar or whatever it may be.

If you have lead pages, check out all those other features including Leadboxes that they have because it will help you grow your E-list dramatically. That’s it for today.

Have a profitable and productive week, and may the winds always be at your back.

Using LeadBoxes To Increase Your List

Using LeadBoxes To Increase Your List