Using LeadDigits To Boost Your eList

Mar 11, 2017

LeadDigits is a great way to boost your eList!

Welcome to Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m Lyndsay Phillips with Smooth Sailing Online Support.

Let’s say you go to speaking events or conferences and they say “Hey, if you text ‘WINNER’ to 55591, you can get the latest training on my program”. You text away and you get a link and you get the landing page and you get the PROGRAM right away.

Have you ever wondered how that works and how it’s set up? I’m going to show you. An easy way to do it is actually through Leadpages® so let me share my screen.

If you already have Leadpages® and do some landing pages, you may know about the other features that they have like LeadBoxes® and LeadLinks® and one of them is called LeadDigits®.

I’m going to pretend here and create a new LeadDigits®.

  • You do have to set up a different LeadDigits® for different countries. If you do have customers or potential prospects or you’re speaking at different events in different parts of the world, you would need to create separate ones. Let’s say the United States of course. You can select the number so you can have a long number or you can have just five digits (which personally I find so much easier).
  • This is the code that customers have to type in. Let’s say you want to text WINNER8 to a number. You may have to play around with it to get one that works for you. Then you have to customize your opt-in instructions message. This is a preview of the message people are going to get and see what they need to do next, when they type in the code word. You fix your instruction message there and then you hit continue.
  • On this next page, you need to give instructions when someone opts-in. Let’s say you want to add a customer email to a mailing list, or you want to get a notification about each opt-in (you can actually check more than one thing).
  • The key one here is that you DO want to add the person’s customer email to your mailing list. This is where you would put in your email to get whatever notification you want back, sync it to (let’s say) to Infusionsoft, and you would pick the campaign that you want to assign it to. Then you save it and you’re done.

Then all you have to do after that is when you’re doing a video or when you’re at a speaking gig or at an event, you just say “hey, if you want to claim your Warrior Library” or “your Eight Ways to be More Productive Guide”, then you can text WINNER8 to this number, super easy right? Another great feature that Leadpages® offers.

That is it for this episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. If you are looking for ways to be more productive, you can go to: BeProductive. Sorry, I don’t have a LeadDigit® text set up for that yet. Maybe I should do that next!

Have a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.