A Tour Of LeadPages To Help Grow Your List

Sep 30, 2016

Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. I’m your host and captain, Lyndsay Phillips, steering you through the choppy waters of fast-paced business growth.

Many people, of course, to grow their business and grow their eList offer opt-ins or free downloads, eBooks, webinars, tele-seminars, the list goes on, but in essence, you need a landing page to do this opt-in and an opt-in form for it.

Leadpages for Growing Your E-List

One of the most popular systems or software programs to use for landing pages is LeadPages. Today I thought I would show you a little video to see what it’s like.

I actually use this a lot for many clients. Once you’re logged in, this is where all your Leadpages are that you have created. For today, there are some other features – I just want to show you the templates and how to get started.

You can see here that there are “thank you” templates, opt-ins, launches, webinars, sales, & pre-cart. There are also purchased ones. There are many that are free, but if you click that button there they will show you all of them and some of them you actually have to buy. They’re super cheap, anywhere from $12 to $40, but they’re really cheap so it pays to look in those. Right now I’m just going to go to a general opt-in and you see here there are different samples. Here’s your typical ebook one, an event, sometimes it’s an actual live event page. You can go through them and see which one fits.

This one I use a lot because it kind of mirrors Facebook and people are used to clicking on that blue logo and blue color. It helps them feel safe if you will. I’m going to open that up. It always takes a long time to load for whatever reason.

We will keep on moving here. There are different elements. The thing about LeadPages is that it’s not very customizable, so that does bug me. I’m actually looking into Convert Kit to see what they are like. I’m sure I’ll report back to you on what it’s like, but basically, here you see all the different elements.

In regards to the content in Leadpages, there are things that you can add and remove, so let’s say you don’t need these little menu bars. You just basically hide them, or let’s say you don’t want your Facebook page or your stream to show up here. You would just simply hide it. Then to edit, you would go to edit text. Some of them, be warned, are always in caps. You cannot change that. Sometimes sections are centered or only left aligned. You cannot change that. Frustrating but true. Then up here you can actually change the colors but it doesn’t have the little color wheel thing, so those are the colors you get and that’s pretty much it, so if those colors do not match your branding at all, you’re going to be frustrated.

In regards to styles, that is where you would change the colors for the words, but in the bigger sections you can change the colors to help match your branding. Let’s say this here, that is the Call to Action button. You can see here you can change the text to blue. Here you can use the whole color wheel and you can even use those little numbers if you have specific codes for your branded colors. Each little element or box you can change the colors.

Let’s go into the Opt-In box, because that is the most important part. If you’re selling something you would go to your shopping cart URL that you have for the product, but typically for a regular opt-in that’s a download, a report, an ebook, a video, whatever it may be, you want to go to advanced settings, you’re going to choose an opt-in form and then you’re going to view and edit.

Here you can edit to your heart’s content. You can change the Leadpages image so if it’s an ebook you probably have the cover there. You can change the information that is there, change the button and you can change the fields as well. That would come in from your email server so this obviously integrates with InfusionSoft. You would pick the campaign that you are integrating it with and if you have more than one web form, like email, phone number, I don’t know, your favorite dog, whatever the fields are, that would be pulled from your campaign in whatever email server that you’re using.

Then you put what thank you page that you want to be directed to when you’re done, and here are the integration settings. If you’re integrating it with WebinarJam or InfusionSoft or GetResponse, whatever it may be, then obviously you pick the campaign.

When you publish it, and save it, (you give it a name), but you can also publish it through WordPress. LeadPages does give you its own LeadPages URL, it’s really long winded, but you can either use a Pretty Link in WordPress for that, or you can have a specific domain. For me, for instance, if I was creating one here it would be LyndsayPhillips.com/AmazingOptIn, whatever it may be, and it’ll sync up with the plug-in that’s in WordPress, in order for me to enable a more custom domain.

That’s pretty much it. Then when you’re in LeadPages it has analytics, it shows you how many page views you have, how many opt-ins you have. You can, go back and edit it, but this at least, this video, it will give you a feel for what LeadPages is like, maybe some of it’s limitations and features.

Hopefully info on Leadpages was helpful, guys. That is it for today’s episode of Smooth Sailing Online Support TV. For more info on how we can help you grow your business with content marketing, reach out to us!

Until next time folks, I wish you a profitable and productive week and may the winds always be at your back.