Lessons From a 5 Year Old


EMILYfinal The other day I was driving my kids to school, and as we passed by one of the trails (which having lived here for 7 yearswe still haven’t walked) I said out loud that we should go for a walk on that trail someday. Emily, who’s 5, says ‘today?’, and Tyler, who’s 9, asks ‘this weekend’?

It got me to thinking how adults always say someday, sometime… and kids are so into the ‘NOW’. I mean, why put off something fun right? And I wondered – if Emily asked TODAY, and Tyler thought someday was this weekend – what would a teenager say or 20 year old… would it be ‘this summer’ or ‘next year’… and thus as we get older we keep putting off what we REALLY want to do, what we really desire (personal or professional), and what’s fun to ‘someday’.

My client Karen Fagan of Feel Amazing Now (www.feelamazingnow.com) coaches women to stop waiting, whether it’s waiting until the kids get older, waiting until you lose 20 pounds or waiting until you have more money etc… Chase your dreams and go after your goals so you can live life fully NOW. In fact her new book is Stop Waiting and Start Flirting: How To Get Turned On By Life.

My other client Jim Palmer, Dream Business Coach and author is all about massive action and going after your entrepreneurial dreams. He’s written a book called Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier: Create Your Dream Business Now. He teaches that there is never a perfect time to start a business or start working towards your goals – dive in and start taking action. His new book is called Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger (www.decideforsuccessbook.com). Deciding to do something, moving forward and taking action TODAY is what drives successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

So maybe we should have a child’s philosophy and think TODAY instead of ‘someday’. Whether it’s something fun to do, your personal goals, starting a business or entrepreneurial goals…. clearly the message that surrounds me is deciding to turn ‘someday’ into ‘today’. Last weekend I got sick of my beige office walls… so I bought paint and painted the room – DONE. So rewarding! A couple of weeks ago I felt overwhelmed by work, so hired someone new to my team –woo hoo! In May I’m going to a great event, for a client yes, but to also further my business. Big or small – all decisions affect our happiness and success. The question is – what are you going to decide to do TODAY instead of ‘someday’?

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