How To Leverage Podcast Interviews To Maximize Authority & Influence

Oct 11, 2023

Leverage Podcast Interviews

Why am I not getting booked on more podcasts? 

Why am I not getting leads and clients from podcast interviews I guest on? 

Well I have a few reasons why and some solutions to fix it – how to position yourself as a guest expert, how to take control over the interviews so that you are seen as an authority and how to leverage the episodes to maximize your authority, influence and leads. 

You’ve been guesting on podcasts but you still may feel like a best-kept secret, not getting noticed or invited on other stages or podcasts. Or maybe you feel like the episodes you are recording, aren’t really showcasing your expertise in the right way and you aren’t getting the results you hoped.

On this episode I’m going to share

  • 3 quick fixes to position yourself as an expert on all channels (especially LinkedIn) 
  • Why your interviews aren’t showcasing your expertise and how by updating your interview questions and one sheet, can make a huge difference. 
  • 3 steps to craft your talk, guide the podcast host and boost your influence 
  • How to leverage your episode (once it’s live) for more visibility, authority and leads 


3 Quick Fixes To Position Yourself As A Guest Expert

1 – Have a Press Page on your site that shares the topics you speak about, your bio, headshot, interview questions and examples of what shows or stages you’ve been on. Here’s what mine looks like –

2 – Publish your episodes on your website as blog posts. When someone visits your website, they’ll see examples of shows you guested on, plus listen to them. 

3 – Update your Social Media Profiles (especially LinkedIn). You can alter the banner image, your title (ie Speaker, Guest Expert…), your bio and description and even share shows that you’ve guested on. Plus add at least one show you guested on in the Featured Articles section. 

SHOW that you are a guest on podcasts, considered an authority. It’ll help you get invited to more shows! 

How To Take Control of Your Interviews To Showcase Yourself As An Authority

Have you ever been on a podcast and the interview was all over the map? They asked you random questions and you didn’t have a chance to share your wisdom, seed your programs or courses. You don’t come across as an industry leader and the listeners aren’t primed to convert. 

1 – Tweak your topic titles so they are more specific that allows the host and listeners to know what the episode is about and how it can benefit them. When it’s vague or general – it’s not enough to entice anyone to listen and so you don’t get the results you want from the episode. 

2 – Write down questions for EACH topic. These random, vague interviews are not always the hosts fault. Most One Sheets are designed to show the topics, and then a list of questions. But those questions are a mix of questions for those 3 topics plus some general one’s about your journey or business. The host then defaults to that list of questions and so asks a mixed bag and the interview is not focused. 

It’s NOT the hosts fault!

They need a list of questions, specific to the topic, to GUIDE the conversation so that you get to talk about what it is that you are an expert on! 

Sidenote – as a host – it’s good to ask what questions and topic your guest wants so YOU know as a host how to set them up and have an information packed episode. 

Craft the questions so it sets you up for what you want to talk about. Here are some examples for one of my own topics – The 4 Step Podcast Guest Leverage System That WIll Boost Authority, Visibility & Leads

  • Your Podcast Leverage Guest System has 4 Steps – what are they (then it sets you up to cover them) 
  •  Your first step Publishing For Results – How does publishing guest episodes on your website benefit you?   
  •  Can you share HOW to publish the episodes, what to include and why?  

It sets you up to share YOUR strategy and gives you the opportunity to share examples, case studies and results you’ve gotten for clients. 

3 – Plan Your Stories – Take it one step further and map out what stories you can share to illustrate points or share examples. They are short soundbites and they give you a chance to seed your programs, services or products and results you are getting. 

Example – If a host asked me – Your first step Publishing For Results – How does publishing guest episodes on your website benefit you?   

                          I’ll share a story – A prospect came to me sharing that they publish their episodes on their site that they guest on (Amazing first step to showcase their expertise, and position themselves as an authority), but they weren’t getting much traffic or converting lead. When I did a Podcast Guest Leverage Audit for them – One of the mistakes I noticed was that the posts were full width, they had no side bars. They had no call to actions on the page to capture leads. I created images to share their signature program and lead magnets and formatted their posts so they had sidebars. I also created images to pepper the post for affiliate programs and their Lead magnet (that links out) – it breaks up the text AND hooks the audience to capture leads. Once they did that (and a few other strategies), they started to capture more leads. 

       1 – I shared that I do Audits

       2 – I shared the problem AND a nugget of how to fix (what I do) and the result. 

A short soundbite is better and more illustrative than – ‘do this and do this so you can blah blah blah’. 

I go into more detail on these steps in this podcast episode 5 Steps To Attract More Leads & Clients From Your Podcast Interviews


Leverage Your Episodes For Visibility, Authority & Influence 

This is my Podcast Guest Leverage System. 

1 – PUBLISH FOR RESULTS – Publish on your website to reap more benefits.

 2 – DISTRIBUTE FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE – Distribute it everywhere to nurture current prospects and attract new ones.

 3 – RE-PURPOSE FOR HIGHER VISIBILITY – You have to be more savvy to get people to listen, and allow for easy content creation.

 4 – MULTIPLY FOR CONSISTENT CONTENT (& SANITY)– Leverage what you have, dissect it, splice it and use it in different ways to create shareable, consumable, & snackable content with ease

>Here’s the scoop on Podcast Guest Leverage System



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