Leverage Your Brand Through Podcasting Without Burning Out

Sep 25, 2023

Leverage Your Brand Through Podcasting

The mere idea of showing up and creating content for every social media platform is enough to exhaust most entrepreneurs mentally before starting their entrepreneurial journey. Business owners have a lot in their heads 24/7, and half of them shouldn’t be: Oh, my God, what will I talk about on my next Reel? 

On the Brand Therapist Podcast I chatted with host Yamilca Rodriguez to talk about how entrepreneurs can leverage their brands without putting their mental and physical health on the line.

[audio src="https://open.acast.com/public/streams/625440a9b2bba40014313d2c/episodes/64f97944460ddd00111eda57.mp3" /]

I chatted about the true power of podcasting, how I helps my clients multiply their online presence, and how to repurpose your content without condemning yourself to endless hours of creating individual pieces of content. 

I even shared the biggest lessons entrepreneurship taught her, a fame story, and my biggest fear as an entrepreneur. 

We also talk about the importance of trusting your gut, why entrepreneurs have a hard time asking for help, my favorite system to leverage brands, and more.

Tune in to episode 73 of The Brand Therapist and learn how podcasting can help you leverage your brand and make your online presence more effective.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

    • The true power of podcasting ([2:20])
    • A childhood story that reflects on my work today ([4:00])
    • I took Yamilca’s quiz – My archetype? The caregiver ([7:10])
    • What my brand is all about? ([12:40])
    • My  biggest fear and three major lessons she learned along the way ([19:00])

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