Leverage Your Podcast To Make A Bigger Impact

Apr 3, 2023

Leverage Your Podcast

People are hard-wired to help each other so I love how podcasting builds relationships and create a space where we can support each other, refer people, and introduce people that you know would have synergy. 

It’s such a giving space and the benefits compound on each other exponentially. 

It’s a podcasting conversation I haven’t spoken about on other podcasts, so I was excited to speak with Doug Cornfield.on the Pulling Each Other Along podcast.   We chatted about…


How podcasting can help you share your passion and grow your business

– make a bigger impact on the world

– become more visible and share your message

– create relationships that can last a lifetime

– create business partnerships

– create a movement on what you are passionate about

– help others build stronger connections and introductions


Video vs Audio

I shared my experience on using audio only when I started and why I fought using video, but now I relish it and connect with the guest so much better. 

How video serves the audience aswell, even from a nurturing/sales perspective. 

It builds trust. 

It can be done virtually and video helps.


Procrastinating starting a podcast

If you are thinking of launching or guesting on a podcast, the fear that can hold you back. Some tips on how to get started and get more confidence. 


How to leverage your podcast content to gain more reach

How to get in front of as many people as possible. (I share tips!) 

There are tactics and strategies so that you attract more people, grow your audience and create a bigger impact and help more people. 

You can leverage your podcast can create more content so you aren’t burning out or going from week to week. 


Getting support with Masterminds or a coach or group

How that can help you grow, gain clarity and move forward.




Be sure to check out their book!

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And see how you can be a part of their collective.

The Pulling Each Other Along Collective is a POSITIVE marketing and entrepreneurship group where all of us work together to promote massive ROI for our perspective business while doing great things in this world and our communities. Each member is creating opportunities for the exploration of potential growth and impact. 



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