7 Ways To Leverage Your Podcast Guesting For Authority-Boosting Content

Apr 20, 2022

Leverage Your Podcast Guesting

You’ve guested on podcasts but you still feel like a best-kept secret and you haven’t gotten as many leads as you’d hoped. Plus, if you are like most entrepreneurs you are stuck each week on what new content to create. In this episode of the Leverage Your Podcast Show I’m going to share 7 Ways to leverage your podcast guesting for authority-boosting content.

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Podcast guesting is a great way of boosting your authority and widening your audience, as well as generating leads. 


Unstuck Your Marketing Through Podcast Guesting

That’s not all, though. In fact, being a podcast guest can also come in very handy for those entrepreneurs and small business owners who, when it comes to marketing their business, feel stuck.

They’re unsure about what content to create next and what to cover in that piece of content.

If that’s how you’ve been feeling, just know that podcast guesting can help you get unstuck.


Using the Podcast Leverage System to Create Consistent Content Without Overwhelm

The Podcast Leverage System is a 4-step approach that will help you create authority-boosting content on a consistent basis, and without overwhelm. Even though the system is geared toward podcasts hosts, it can be adapted for guesting too.

The four steps are:

  • Publish: share the content on your website to reap the benefits of content marketing
  • Distribute: distribute the content for maximum exposure, tap into different platforms to nurture your current prospects and attract new ones
  • Repurpose: take the content and represent it in a different form to increase its overall visibility
  • Multiply: take the content and multiply it to obtain new content “fuel” to add to your content “engine” – and do so without losing your sanity!


Only for Podcast Guests

It makes sense to incorporate the 4-step Podcast Leverage System into your content marketing strategy especially if you’re a podcaster. 

But what about guesting – what can you do if you don’t have a podcast and exclusively sit on the other side of the mic?

There are seven different things you can do that will make sure that you get more bang from your buck for every single podcast guest interview you’ll do.


Step #1: Publish on Your Blog

Let me ask you a question: when was the last time that you took an interview you did as a podcast guest and published it on your website?

It’s content so why not leverage it for your own “ecosystem”?

Take whatever the host may have sent you and use that to publish it on your blog as a blog post.

Include show notes – if you have them, otherwise create them by yourself – and make sure that you make the most out of the “digital real estate” on your website and blog. Think of the right sidebar, for instance. You can use it to showcase a lead magnet, to book a free discovery call, to join your Facebook group or to put emphasis on whatever makes sense for that particular blog post (aka podcast guest interview).


Step #2: Tap Into LinkedIn Articles

Formerly known as The Pulse, LinkedIn articles is something every user has access to. So, why not repurpose your podcast guest interview into a blog post and, subsequently, the blog post into a LinkedIn article?

And if you’d like to take things one step further, you can even look into LinkedIn newsletters.

One of the nice things about LinkedIn newsletters is that people can subscribe to them and they receive a notification whenever you have a new newsletter article published.

In case you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn and making the most of it, then you can check out this article.


Step #3: Use It in Your Email List

Not sure what to include in the next email you’ll be sending out to your email list subscribers?

Take a recent podcast guest interview you’ve done, extract the key golden nuggets (you can even focus on just a single one of them), and write an email that revolves around them.


Step #4: Record a Video

Remember step 3 of the Podcast Leverage System, repurpose? Take some of the key points you made during your podcast guest interview and record a video to represent that information in a different form.


Step #5: Create Micro-Videos

Who says that you should only create a video that features your key quotes, tips and tools from a podcast guest interview?

You can use the multiply principle: take a single podcast guest interview – and the video you’ve created for it – and create micro-videos that you can use in different contexts and platforms.


Step #6: Create Social Media Snippets

Speaking of platforms, you can focus your efforts on social media platforms. Here are some things you can create based off of your podcast guest interviews, and work well on social as standalone posts: 

  • visual quotes
  • square graphics with tips and tools
  • carousel or galleries


Step #7: Create New Audio

With this seventh and final step you go back to the raw piece of content and focus on the original media: audio.

What you can do is download the audio of the podcast episode, focus on certain portions of the interview (like quotes, quick tips, stories) and create a short audio for each one – make sure to keep the audio segment under 60 seconds.

Next, you can use a platform like Headliner to create a so-called audiogram, a piece of content that combines audio with an image and an animation.

Once created, you’ll be able to post your audiograms on your social media channels, add them to your stories and do much more!

Implementing these steps won’t require you to spend hours and hours to consistently create content and they’ll guarantee a regular stream of different pieces based on a single podcast guest interview.

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