Leverage Your Podcast: Helping Entrepreneurs Via The Power Of Podcasting (On Earworthy)

Apr 12, 2024

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Let’s start with a circle of honesty. By a show of hands, how many of you have thought about starting a podcast? Don’t be shy. Raise your hands.

Just what I thought. For a majority of people under 40, starting and maintaining a podcast is something they could — and want — to do.

Despite what you’ve heard from podcast promotion flimflammers, podcasting is hard. Thankfully, prospective podcasters have plenty of podcast resources. “Exactly, how do you seek out the most useful podcasting advice?”

One of the best and one of my favorites is Podcast Workflows by Joe Casabona, one of the most insightful people in the industry.

I recently stumbled upon a superb podcast called Leverage Your Podcast, which began in early 2016.

This show is for podcast hosts and guests, bringing insider secrets from podcast industry experts and entrepreneurs who have created a successful lifestyle business through podcasting.

Lyndsay Phillips, is the CEO of Smooth Business Podcasting, speaker, guest expert, host of Leverage Your Podcast show and creator of the Podcast Leverage System.

Here’s what Ms. Phillips has to say about her podcast: “We’ll cover all parts of podcasting — guesting, advertising, launching, producing, promoting, leveraging plus share tips on how to leverage podcasts further to boost visibility, position authority, create content, monetize and simply grow their business.”

While growing a successful Content Marketing Agency, and launching a ton of podcasts (including her own), Phillips quickly learned the true power of podcasting. Passionate about helping clients strategically leverage and repurpose their podcast interviews, she creates branded, authority-boosting content that expands your reach, attracts your ideal client and generates leads.

Lyndsay Phillips has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, published in Huffington Post, Daily Business Post and Go Solo, guesting on podcasts like John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Joe Fairless’ Best Podcast Ever, and has shared her expertise on numerous stages including Podpros & Podfest (getting a Guinness World Record!) and her highlight was sharing the stage at Service Business Edge with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham.

Phillips admits, “I love helping entrepreneurs build their authority and increase visibility through the power of podcasting with her Podcast Leverage System.”

I’ve listened to a number of episodes and found Phillips to be an excellent host, both as a narrator and interviewer. She has loads of energy. She excels at explaining complex topics, and she’s an excellent motivator.

The episodes are short enough to consume quickly and still have plenty of valuable content. Phillips, as a narrator, discussed the “5 Podcast Promotion Mistakes To Avoid” and was superb in organizing and dispensing valuable advice. I won’t steal her thunder and tell you the five mistakes. However, Phillips wisely advises to “be strategic and consistent and create content that achieves one or all three of these goals: interests a listener, solves a problem for them, or stimulates their interest.”

As an interviewer, Phillips shines and feeds off the energy of her guests.

On the February 5th episode, Phillips interviews image consultant Amy Janece on podcasters branding themselves. Phillips is making a critical point here for aspirational podcasters. You can’t sit in your office in your PJs and record podcasts, post them, and expect the magic to happen.

In fact, in past episodes, Phillips has talked about guesting on other podcasts as a successful promotion strategy.

Anyway, Amy Janece was fascinating, explaining how the colors and clothes you wear can affect your connections and income.

During the episode, Phillips and Janece discuss: How colors and clothing choices can have a direct influence on confidence and success. How aligning clothing to your natural energy and personality can impact connections and collaborations. Why you should understand the correlation between color, energy and psychology.

Janece offers tips on what to wear (and NOT wear) on podcasts and speaking presentations (online or live). Janece then surprises us with, “So if you think ‘Black’ is the color of choice — you better take a listen.” How does teal strike you?

Phillips designs episodes that get to the core of podcasting and entrepreneurial success. Past episodes include topics on scheduling social media for maximum impact, mastering your storytelling techniques, and podcast growth and lead generation strategies.

Check out Leverage Your Podcast. Lyndsay Phillips is a natural as a teacher, coach, motivator, and business expert.

One last thing. If you have no wish to be a podcaster, you will logically conclude that this podcast isn’t for you. And you’d be wrong. Phillips is a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and teacher. Listening to some of her episodes to leverage skills for life and business success makes this podcast valuable for most of us.

I’ve already learned a lot from Ms. Phillips, and even though I’ve never met her, I’d classify her as “the smartest person in any room.”