How to Leverage Your Podcast to Grow Your Brand with Lyndsay Phillips

Mar 28, 2023

Leverage Your Podcast to Grow Your Brand

Lyndsay Phillips, an expert podcaster and agency owner, guides listeners through her four-step leverage system to optimize their podcasts, build authority, increase downloads, and make lasting relationships – all while avoiding the dreaded ‘pod fade’.

Lyndsay Phillips is the CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Smooth Business Podcasting, a content marketing and podcast expert, and the host of the Leverage Podcast Show and the creator of the Podcast Leverage System.

Lyndsay Phillips was overwhelmed by the amount of work that went into podcasting and the monetary investment needed in order to start a successful podcast. She knew she needed to have a cheat sheet of stats, and that many podcasters don’t reach 10 episodes due to a lack of resources and unrealistic expectations. 

After doing some stats for a client, she realized that she needed to leverage her podcast in order to gain visibility, credibility, and authority, as well as sales leads. She developed a four step system to publish, distribute, repurpose, and multiply her content, and realized the importance of publishing it on her own website and optimizing it for SEO. 

She shared the importance of being everywhere, as different podcast apps and directories offer different features. She encouraged leveraging connections, relationships, and using video snippets

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Why you need to publish your podcast episode on your website 

And so the foundational piece for me is publishing it. It’s amazing how many podcasters do not publish their episodes on their website . And that’s where your hub is, right? And you want Google to like you and you want to rank and you also want people to see your services opt on to your list . You want to optimize all of that so that you are getting more leads and you are getting more sales from your podcast . To take that one step further some people publish it on their site BUT they don’t have any content, just the audio players listed.  And so when you think about it, you don’t have the content to be able to SEO a post with that .

  1. Why you need to distribute your podcast everywhere – smaller platforms, directories and yes, YouTube. You want visibility. 
  2. Tips to gain more leads and sales. 

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