How To Publish LinkedIn Articles As A Newsletter To Gain Podcast Subscribers

Jan 14, 2022

Publish LinkedIn Articles As A Newsletter To Gain Podcast Subscribers

LinkedIn has changed so much over the years, but one thing that has NOT changed is their commitment to allowing members to share valuable information. Yes we can post a status update and share information, links, images like other social media platforms, but it also used to have what was called the LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse was an online news aggregation feed to share self-published content with their audience, showcase your expertise and link to your site. Almost like a ‘blog’ post or article within LinkedIn. 

Then they put a halt to LinkedIn Pulse and simply called them articles. In your status bar, you could create a post or article. And in the Featured section of your profile you could feature such articles, a library, if you will, for anyone going to your profile.

jan 10 a

And in November of 2021 they announced ‘Newsletters’ – but only available to creators (and ‘some’ creators). They will be rolling it out to all members. It’s essentially the same type of article set up they had before, BUT you can state that you publish it weekly, daily, monthly etc AND have the ability to have other members subscribe, so grow a subscriber base. Once you publish a newsletter any connections you have get notified and invited (amazing!). Plus when anyone subscribes, they get a notification of any new editions that are published (ie articles). 

Here is a breakdown on HOW to activate newsletters in your LinkedIn account and how to publish your newsletters to grow your podcast audience AND convert them to your list. 


1 – Activate Creator Mode: You must be in creator mode. Under your profile banner (and contact info) you’ll see your ‘Dashboard’. Only you see that. There it’ll tell you if you are in creator mode or not and click to turn on or off.

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2 – Creator Tools: See if the creator tools are available to you (not all can use them). You can see in the image below, what populated for me once I went to the Creator Hub.

jan 10 c


1- Head to the home screen and click ‘Write Article’ in your status bar. You can also gain instructions from LinkedIn.

jan 10 d

2 – Click ‘Create A Newsletter’ and then start entering in the information about the newsletter.

jan 10 e


For podcasters you’ll want to call it the name of your podcast. You’ll publish as often as your podcast is published. My Leverage Your Podcast show is weekly, and so I’ll publish the newsletter each week. For those that do a daily podcast, perhaps you’d want to publish weekly and simply do an update for all the episodes that went live that week, vs do a newsletter every day. 

The description of course is the description of your podcast. 

For the image, I used my podcast art, but changed it slightly to show that it’s my show ‘on linkedin’, but you can customize as you see fit. 

And don’t forget to click invite your connections and followers! Then you are done. Next up is creating an article to publish.

jan 10 f


1 – Go To The Home button and click ‘Write Article’.

2 – You’ll see it shares WHERE you want to publish it to (ie your newsletter).

jan 10 g

3 – Enter your title of the show

4 – Add an image (your episode art).

5 – Then add in your show notes. I like to put the video version of the episode near the top so that the podcast can be consumed right away. It’s also a good practice to add in quotes and images or call to action graphics to break up the text. Don’t be afraid to share ALL the information and notes. It’s better for the user if they are able to consume inside the app versus having to click to another website.

jan 10 h

>>see example here<<

The editor allows you to:

  • add an image
  • add a snippet
  • add a video
  • add a link

And of course make your text bold, italics, bulleted, heading 1, and so forth. So has decent editing features.

6 – Once you are done you can schedule the article OR publish right away. Once you publish you receive this notice. 

7 – Be sure to share on other platforms AND email your list!

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