Must Have LinkedIn Strategies For Podcasters

Jan 10, 2024

LinkedIn Strategies

I don’t think LinkedIn gets enough credit  – I know it’s MY favorite platform right now. So how do you create a winning profile that boosts your authority, attracts your ideal client and generates more opportunities? 

I have LinkedIn Expert Tom Ryan on the show who gives us the scoop on how to improve your profile, post content effectively, and the top LinkedIn strategies to get more leads. You’ll find out… 

    • How podcasters can use LinkedIn to showcase their expertise & build genuine connections 
    • Why you should treat your profile like a landing page and how to optimize it
    • How the algorithms affect your posts and why video shorts are key 
    • How to target the right audience and generate leads on LinkedIn
    • The role of value and consistency in getting results

[00:03]  Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn for Business Networking

[03:30]  Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Success

[09:21]  Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn: Strategies for Maximizing Engagement and Generating Leads

[13:59]  Effective LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Leads 

[26:30]  Mastering LinkedIn Lead Generation: Targeting, Messaging, and Volume

[32:39]  Maximizing LinkedIn Profiles for Better Client Support

LinkedIn: More Than Just a Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform; it is a professional networking platform that allows users to connect with like-minded individuals in their industry. LinkedIn is not meant for personal use or socializing, but rather for business purposes. It is a place where professionals can share value and knowledge with one another, and a platform that can provide great opportunities for learning and networking.

The Power of Engaging Content

One of the key aspects of utilizing LinkedIn effectively is creating and sharing engaging content. Ryan recommended using short video clips, known as “shorts,” as a way to showcase your expertise and encourage engagement. Shorts can be snippets from your podcast episodes or videos that provide valuable insights or tips. By consistently posting these shorts, you can attract your ideal clients and increase your visibility on the platform.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is like a landing page for your business. It should be client-focused and highlight the value you provide. Ryan suggested optimizing every part of your profile to be client-facing, from your banner to your headline. Make it clear what you offer and the results clients can expect. Have a clear call-to-action in your profile’s featured section – this could be a lead magnet, such as a guide or a free consultation, that entices visitors to take the next step.


Harnessing the Power of Direct Messaging

Direct messaging (DM) is a valuable tool for generating leads on LinkedIn. Ryan advised reaching out to potential leads through DMs and offering something of value, such as personalized tips or a video highlighting their pain points and how you can help. By providing value first, you can start a conversation and build trust with potential clients. Engaging with other users’ posts and connecting with individuals who actively engage with content in your industry can also lead to more meaningful connections and conversations.

The Importance of Targeting, Messaging, and Volume

Lead generation on LinkedIn is a combination of targeting the right audience, crafting compelling messages, and maintaining consistent volume. Sales Navigator, an upgrade offered by LinkedIn, can help with targeting by allowing you to filter your searches based on industry, location, company size, and other criteria. Messaging should focus on providing value and demonstrating your expertise rather than directly selling or asking for time or money. Finally, maintaining a consistent volume of outreach is crucial to increasing your chances of success.

The Value Offer and Lead Generation

A value offer is a slice of your service that you provide to potential leads to demonstrate your expertise and provide value upfront. Value offers can take the form of videos, personalized tips, checklists, or consultations. By offering something of value, you can qualify leads, build trust, and start meaningful conversations. Capture leads by following up with those who accept your value offer, even if they don’t convert immediately.

Connect with Tom Ryan for More LinkedIn Strategies

Tom Ryan offers LinkedIn social selling services through his company, Program Pros. He helps professionals and businesses optimize their LinkedIn profiles, develop effective lead generation LinkedIn strategies, and create engaging content.

About Tom

Tom lives in Seattle, WA with his wife (Maaya) and 2 kids (Alok and Sonya). He was the COO at a company in Seattle for a number of years and noticed a gap in the market when it came to LinkedIn. Now he helps consultants and teams with their LinkedIn Strategies the result in massive growth.

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Connect with Tom Ryan for LinkedIn Expertise

Tom Ryan offers LinkedIn social selling services through his company, Program Pros. He helps professionals and businesses optimize their LinkedIn profiles, develop effective lead generation strategies, and create engaging content.


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