Strategy Session With Your Content Coach, Lyndsay Phillips

Marketing your business can be overwhelming and confusing, but no matter where you are in your business, you need to know where you are going next! What strategies are going to bring you the biggest ROI and help you convert customers faster?

lyndsay phillips

Your Content Coach, Lyndsay Phillips

This is where Your Content Coach come’s in (yep, that’s me!)…

I’m Lyndsay Phillips, and for the past 8 years, I’ve been helping Entrepreneurs across the globe get clear about their online marketing goals, create a content marketing strategy that works, generate branded content that attracts more clients, and leverage and optimize their online marketing to boost conversions.

I have been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox and published in Home Service Max Magazine plus have guested on a TON of podcasts including John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneurs On Fire and Joe Fairless’s Best Podcast Ever. I’ve been a podcast host for 3 years and have spoken at events such as Dream Business Academy, Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham) and Podfest.

I am proud and honored to call my clients friends and have had so much fun helping them launch books, products, events, build programs, increase their podcast downloads to 1M, grow their e-list from 800 – 18,000, grow their revenue from 6 figures to over $6M, and develop their followers to over 10K. Always learning about the digital marketing field, I have been blessed to learn from and collaborate with Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Taki Moore, Joe Polish and Dan Kuschell. And I can’t leave out that I’ve grown my business from a solopreneur, to bringing my husband on board and growing into a team of 15 and consistently increasing this business growth 60% every year, surpassing my revenue goals along the way. 

But enough about me! Let’s focus on where you feel stuck, where you are struggling and how we can move the needle in your business.

If you have the following questions, then you KNOW a Strategy Session with me will navigate your online marketing through smooth waters to the port where you can reap the rewards and treasures! 

  • What content marketing should I be creating first to attract my ideal client, blogs, videos?
  • What strategies should I focus on to create more online visibility?
  • Should I start a podcast show or be a guest on other people’s shows? 
  • What platforms should I be investing my time and money into…. Facebook, You Tube, iTunes, Instagram?
  • How do I build my authority platform and grow my expert status?
  • What is the next strategy I need to tackle to take my business to the next level?
  • How can I leverage and optimize the content and marketing assets that I currently have to boost conversions?
  • Is the messaging on my landing pages and website compelling enough or attracting the right clients?
  • How do I find the time and systems to create, publish and promote content?
  • How do I track insights and results to analyze, so that I know what’s working and not working?
  • What should I email my list and how can I get them to say YES more?

These are the types of questions that busy entrepreneurs are coming to me for, and which I am passionate about resolving! I want you to feel peace of mind, knowing you are taking action in the right direction. I want you to feel good about your plan. I want you to put your time and efforts into content that will attract your ideal client AND convert them to sales. I want you to leverage and optimize the content you have so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can instead focus on your lane of genius serving YOUR clients and working ON your business. 

Let’s steer you into smooth waters with a 2-hour Strategy Session!

What does Lyndsay Phillips cover on the call?

  • Your customer avatar, so that your message will target your ideal client
  • Your business solution, message and differentiators so you can set yourself apart from the competition
  • Your current assets, products and services to map out your product ladder
  • Map out your talents, sweet spot and revenue generating products/services so you aren’t following the ‘shiny object’ and are focusing on what matters to drive business growth
  • Map out what boulders you can tackle to attract customers, what to optimize and leverage and what you should focus on first. 
  • In a nutshell we  map out your next 3-6 months so you know what strategies to focus on, that will yield you the quickest results. 

EVERY business is so different, where they are at, what their avatar is, what their passion and lane of genius is – that’s what makes it so exciting! This Strategy Session is customized to YOU and YOUR business. 

Here is what will happen next…

Step 1 – Book a FREE 20 minute Consultation Call by filling out the short form below. 

Step 2 – My team will email you a few questions so I can get focused and make the most of our Strategy Session, and coordinating the call. 

Once I  know a bit more about you and your business (and you can learn more about me!), we’ll see if it’s a fit and if the 2 hour Strategy Session is the best next step.