Making powerful videos through Animoto with Jason Hsiao

Jan 22, 2019


Powerful videos

For anyone out there who knows how important video marketing is, stand by as we chat with Co-Founder of Animoto an award-winning online video maker used by millions today, Jason Hsiao. So let’s set sail.

Welcome aboard Jason

  • What’s your take on the power of video for businesses today.
  • What are the challenges of video marketing for the average Entrepreneur -why do we get stuck or ‘don’t do it’?
  • Why did you create Animoto and how did it come into fruition?
  • How can Animoto help us attract more clients or convert more customers?
  • I saw that Animoto is part of the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. Exciting! Can you share what that means for your company but also for LinkedIn users?
  • What are the favorite features of users?

Jason is the Chief Video Officer & Co-Founder of Animoto (, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos. Used by millions of consumers, businesses, photographers, and educators, Animoto is deeply rooted in the belief that making videos should be simple, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone. Prior to Animoto, Jason served as a television producer for MTV Networks. He hails from Dartmouth College and resides in New York City.