5 C’s – Marketing Plan Steps For Podcasters

Jun 21, 2023

Marketing Plan Steps

Are you a reactive or proactive marketer in your business? Do you run after shiny objects? Do you create last-minute campaigns? 

If you want to accelerate growth and lessen stress, you’ll want a marketing plan – a marketing plan that can includes a podcast. You always hear me say that Podcasting is not a silo, it’s a part of the overarching marketing plan. 

I chat with podcaster and digital marketing expert Tori Barker on the marketing plan steps you need to take, how to implement and what’s important to consider.

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In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the critical role a marketing plan plays in measuring and fostering business growth.
  • Identify the risks of being lured by shiny object syndrome and the advantages of committing to 90-day cycles
  • Learn the five-stage approach to formulating an effective marketing plan.
  • Utilize your skills in pinpointing the marketing avenue that best suits a particular client’s requirements.
  • Assess your marketing capabilities using a visionary marketing quiz, uncovering areas of improvement.

Identifying the Right Marketing Priorities

To achieve maximum impact and return on investment, businesses need to determine which marketing channels and mediums are most suited to their brand and audience. Identifying the right marketing priorities not only ensures a more targeted and efficient approach but also helps businesses make better use of their resources. 

Tori Barker advocates for a focused approach to marketing priorities, which includes considering a company’s comfort zone and leveraging its natural talents in its marketing efforts. She recommends working on a few key areas consistently rather than stretching resources across multiple marketing channels that may not produce significant results. Barker’s insights serve as a valuable reminder that selecting the appropriate marketing priorities can significantly enhance a business’s growth and overall success.

Common Mistakes in DIY Marketing Plans

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of attempting to create a DIY marketing plan without a solid understanding of the necessary components, leading to several common mistakes. These errors include failing to research the target audience, neglecting the customer journey, and relying too heavily on one marketing approach. The result is an ineffective marketing strategy that fails to resonate with consumers and reach business objectives. 

Trying to do everything at once as a common mistake made by entrepreneurs. She advises focusing on a few key areas and executing them well before moving on to the next. By evaluating progress every 90 days and making readjustments as necessary, businesses can avoid these mistakes and build a cohesive, comprehensive marketing strategy that genuinely drives growth and success.


The Importance of Reviewing and Analyzing Your Marketing Plan Steps

Periodically reviewing and analyzing a marketing plan is essential for ensuring it stays relevant and effective. This process allows businesses to identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes, particularly in response to external factors such as changing consumer behavior, market fluctuations, or even global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is crucial to revisit marketing strategy periodically and take stock of how well it is working. By continuously analyzing a marketing plan’s effectiveness and making the required adjustments, businesses can remain agile and prepared even as the marketing landscape evolves. Barker also explains that a forward-thinking mindset and setting realistic expectations are integral to ongoing success, further underscoring the need for regular review and analysis of a marketing plan.

Benefits of Visionary Marketing Plan Steps

Implementing the RIGHT marketing plan steps is crucial to driving sales and brand awareness for any business. A marketing plan not only provides a comprehensive guide for all marketing efforts but also helps businesses measure success and track return on investment. With a marketing plan, businesses can avoid being reactive or haphazard in their approach, ensuring they have a structured and clear marketing strategy. A well-planned marketing campaign allows for targeted promotions and a better allocation of resources, leading to growth in revenue and a more loyal customer base. 

Tori explains that without a plan, organizations risk experiencing chaos and inconsistency in their marketing efforts. Barker states that adopting a planned and structured approach to marketing can help businesses avoid the pitfalls of shiny object syndrome, where they get sidetracked by new trends and overlook the importance of an overarching plan. This disciplined focus can ultimately result in stronger brand recognition and a higher rate of success in achieving marketing objectives.

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The 5 C’s In A Visionary Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan requires methodical planning, and Tori Barker’s visionary marketing framework offers a practical five-phase approach: clarify, create, calibrate, capture, and convert. The process entails identifying the target audience, strategic goals, and determining which marketing methods are best suited for a particular business model. By working through each of these components, businesses can construct a tailor-made marketing plan that addresses their specific needs and aligns with their unique vision. 

You want to create marketing plan that is both flexible and effective by focusing on 90-day increments. She believes that this approach allows entrepreneurs to be more strategic and goal-oriented. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer journey, as knowing how customers engage with a business is critical to devising a cohesive and successful marketing plan. Barker asserts that a well-conceived plan must encompass a variety of marketing elements, such as SEO, content, landing pages, advertising, social media, and podcast marketing.

About Tori

Tori Barker is a passionate, empathetic leader who has blazed her path to digital marketing success with her company Creative Marketing. She values family and relationships with clients just as highly as those she builds within communities – an approach that’s earned her remarkable trust among colleagues. A master of listening intently and encouraging self-driven solutions, Tori stands out for not only delivering on expectations but creating unique experiences through creative strategies as the Principal/Owner of Creative Marketing – all while maintaining sincerity without fail. She is also the host of The Creative Visionaries Podcast where she hopes to inspire business owners, build connections, share success stories, and motivate others.


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