Tips For Marketing Your Podcasts

2Marketing Your Podcasts

For any business, marketing is essential to inform your target audience about the benefits of your products or services over the competition. Finding new ways to market those podcasts is an important part of continuing to grow your business and engage your client base and potential targets.

To help you get started, here are some important strategies to incorporate as a podcast marketing plan:Tweet: To get started, here are important #strategies 2 incorporate 4 a #podcast #marketing plan:

  • Opt-in – pop-ups to get people to opt into your email list are a great way to be able to continually provide information for your listeners on new podcasts. You also do this with an SMS text that allows the listener to opt into new SMS messages.
  • Social media – on your corporate and personal social media sites mention and promote your podcasts. This can be done as part of weekly, bi-monthly or monthly updates and information services to your followers, friends and target audience. This is particularly effective as posts on LinkedIn for B2B sales.
  • Tap into listings – iTunes and other media sites now offer the option to post your podcasts to their directory. Use content rich keywords so searches will bring new listeners to your podcasts. You can also post SMS and email messages when new podcasts are added.
  • Link content to podcasts – if you are responding to a blog, posting a blog, writing an article or posting content to your website, link to your podcast that is related to the site.
  • YouTube – while a podcast is audio, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a short “trailer” for your podcast and post it on YouTube. Add images, tape yourself making the recording or add some animation to spark interest.
  • Promote other podcasts – while it may seem counterintuitive, hosting other podcasts on your site or with your collection is a great way to create reciprocal links with others. Choose only top quality podcasts and websites to link to for the best results.
  • Categorize your podcasts – by categorizing your podcasts and ensuring they are using the best keywords for your target audience, you will bring in more listeners. By categorizing you also make your site more efficient for your customers, which keeps them returning rather than becoming frustrated and leaving.
  • Use a podcast on your landing pageTweet: Use a podcast on your landing page? Here's how: – one of the best ways to get people started in listening to your podcasts is to make it easy. Use a podcast as a free giveaway on your website, which creates both the opt-in point as well as the promotional point.

The best quality podcasts will also be shared by others and promoted on review sites. Provide listeners with the option to rate and review your podcast, this is free advertising that will help your visibility.Tweet: Let listeners rate & review your #podcast 4free #advertising & #visibility. Read more:

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