Marketing Terms and Strategies 101 in 5 Minutes or Less!

Aug 13, 2014

Marketing Terms and Strategies 101 in 5 Minutes or Less!

Marketing Terms and Strategies 101 in 5 Minutes or Less!

Marketing Terms and Strategies 101

There are so many marketing terms thrown out there when talking strategies and methods. It can get quite mind boggling! Here are a list of some of the main marketing terms and methods that are used today.

Basic Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Social Media Marketing is marketing your business through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so forth. The purpose is to attract more ‘followers’, to let them know about your services, sales, products, events etc.

Content Marketing is premised on sharing content and information (educating) with ‘the world’ via website, blogs, podcasts, videos, social media, info-graphics, Slideshare presentations, e-books and so forth for the purpose of attracting a following – lead generation –and eventually gaining clients/customers.

Inbound Marketing means marketing efforts that bring people ‘in’. Some refer to bringing people into the ‘marketing funnel’….getting them interested, have them download material, engage in social media, add them to your list (lead generation), then eventually converting them to a sale or customer/client.

Outbound Marketing is the opposite – it reaches customers through general media advertising like print advertising, personal in person sales, cold calls, television ads & direct marketing (mailers, flyers etc).

Online Marketing encompasses the whole gamut of marketing your business online, whether it’s your website, videos, social media, podcasts, advertising online in various applications. Some call it Cloud Marketing.

Video Marketing is fairly self explanatory – it’s marketing your business through use of videos. You can post videos on your website or hosting venues like YouTube. Some videos can be ‘how to’, guides, product based, informational, interviews and can melt into the realm of Content Marketing.

Mobile Marketing is strictly marketing via mobile devices like the iPhone/android or tablet. It’s a way to communicate and engage your audience or customers and inform them of time sensitive offers for instance. It can include push notifications, text messages, apps, pop up ads, QR codes and mobile websites.

Believe you me – there are MANY more types of marketing strategies out there – Referral Marketing, Behavioral Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, SMS Text Marketing, Event Marketing, Email Marketing to name a few. At least now you’ve armed yourself with a few marketing terms and are aware of some of the options.