How to Market Your Business with Pinterest


Market Your Business with Pinterest

So you’ve either read my last week’s article on how to get started on Pinterest or you already have an account up and running. Perhaps your now asking…I pin graphics, and create great boards, but how do I increase my followers –how do I get folks to notice me? This is what this blog is for!

Invite: Invite people that you know are already on to follow your board. When you are on one of your boards, you’ll see a red circle that says Invite Pinner. You can find Pinterest accounts or enter emails.

Make it accessible: Make sure you have a Pinterest button on your website. Go a step further and install a widget that shows your Pinterest ‘feed’ and part of your boards!

Cross reference marketing: Let people know you are on Facebook and Twitter and vice versa.  Post a pin on your Twitter account that shows you have a Pinterest account. It will entice them to check you out there too! Post on your other social media graphics from one of your boards and say ‘hey, check out my board on xyz’. You get the idea.  Don’t forget your Email Marketing or any other newsletters you may put out. Make sure they know where else they can find you. Show a few great boards or pins you have on Pinterest to lure them there. Invite them to follow your board.

Find your target market: Search for businesses, organizations and charities etc in your local area (if applicable) and follow them. Re-pin their pins on one of your boards (remember that one you created on your local area?). Think of what groups your target market is a part of. Sell shoes? Target running groups, sports enthusiasts, athletes and more (for athletic shoes). See who others are following for ideas.

Engage & Share: Make sure you take the time to re-pin other pictures you find. If you are a daycare, search for kids recipes, kids crafts and find what fun pins are of interest that you think your ‘followers’ would like to see and learn about.

Delve into it and have fun with it. I shoo shood it at first, but once I got into it for my clients, I admit I kinda like it. Who knows, you might see an ssonlinesupport Pinterest account coming soon!

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