How To Leverage Podcast Guesting to Grow Your Mastermind Group

Jun 19, 2024

Grow Your Mastermind Group

Are you a coach, speaker or thought leader struggling to grow your high-ticket mastermind group? Many experts make the mistake of relying on generic marketing strategies that fail to attract their ideal clients. 

In this episode, mastermind expert Jay Fairbrother shares how you can leverage podcasting to build relationships, qualify prospects and sell your exclusive coaching program. 

You’ll discover the key differences between masterminds and group coaching, strategies for standing out in a crowded market, and a simple framework for moving listeners from casual fans to committed clients. If you’re ready to create a sustainable 6-figure mastermind business, this episode is a must-listen.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • The difference between masterminds and group coaching
  • How to leverage podcasts to grow a mastermind group and sell high-ticket items
  • How to stand out in the coaching industry to attract your ideal client faster
  • Understanding your ‘purple fish’ so that you get on the right podcasts with the right message
  • How to use exclusivity to drive more sales
  • How to qualify and attract the right clients
  • Common mistakes building and marketing a mastermind


Key Moments: 

  • [00:17]  Mastering the Art of Masterminds: Growing Your Business through Podcasts

  • [03:33]  The Power of Human Connection in Building Strong Communities 

  • [08:02]  Using Podcasting to Grow Exclusive Mastermind Programs

  • [14:20]  Tips for Differentiation and Targeting the Right Audience on Podcasts

  • [24:20]  Personalized Marketing Strategies for Masterminds

  • [29:26]  Common Mistakes When Creating and Marketing a Mastermind Group

  • [32:28]  Revolutionize Your Coaching with the 6 Figure Masterminds Boot Camp


The Power of Human Connection

Jay argues that as the world becomes increasingly AI-driven, the value of human connection and collaboration will become even more crucial. AI and technology can provide access to free content and training, but they can never replace the synergy that arises when a group of people come together to share their collective experience, wisdom, and intelligence.

“What you cannot replace, what AI can never replace is that human connection piece, that ability to collaborate, co-create to tap into a group of people, not just the one gurus, and you have the top of the ladder, but tap into a group of people and bring out their shared experience, their shared wisdom, their shared intelligence, to contribute to helping you with your specific issue,” Jay explains.

“The route from podcasting to a high ticket mastermind type program is a very direct line. You don’t need that big, huge, fancy sales funnel in the middle.”


Podcasting: The Gateway to High-Ticket Masterminds

Jay believes that podcasting is a brilliant strategy for mastermind leaders and coaches to grow their exclusive programs. By engaging with listeners and building relationships through podcast appearances, either as a host or a guest, entrepreneurs can effectively move their audience from “no like and trust” to “no love and trust.”

The key is to hint at the exclusive, intimate nature of the mastermind group during the podcast conversations. As listeners start to resonate with the host or guest and develop a sense of loyalty, they become more inclined to inquire about the high-ticket offering.

Jay suggests focusing on identifying and engaging with the most loyal and enthusiastic members of your audience. Initiate conversations with them, encouraging those who are particularly passionate to express their interest openly. Introduce the concept of an exclusive, intimate inner circle program in your podcasts and guest appearances, subtly hinting at its value. As these fans become more engaged, they will be curious about the program and eager to learn more, fostering a deeper connection and relationship with you.



Differentiating Your Mastermind

When it comes to standing out in the crowded coaching and mastermind landscape, Jay emphasizes the importance of clear differentiation and a distinct point of view. He suggests that entrepreneurs should plant their flag in the ground and be clear about what they stand for, as well as what they stand against.

Jay has done this for his business. By dissenting from the mainstream narrative and offering a unique perspective, he is able to attract his “purple fish” – the ideal clients who resonate with his message.


Crafting a Compelling Mastermind Offer

When it comes to selling high-ticket mastermind programs, Jay advises against the traditional sales funnel approach. Instead, he recommends focusing on exclusivity and creating a sense of scarcity.

“When you create an environment where anyone can’t just write a check, and get into your program when you position yourself and your program as exclusive, intimate, and by application only, you literally flip the selling script and you don’t feel like you’re chasing clients,” Jay explains.

By qualifying potential members through an application process and positioning the mastermind as an exclusive opportunity, the entrepreneur can shift the dynamic and have the potential clients sell themselves on the value of the program.

If you’re a coach, speaker, healer, or thought leader looking to elevate your business to the next level, Jay’s resources and expertise may be the key to unlocking your true potential as a mastermind leader.


About Jay

Jay Fairbrother is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and mastermind guru with 30 years of experience starting, buying and selling 7-figure businesses. Jay’s story includes losing EVERYTHING after the 2010 financial crisis and rising from the shame to shine as The Mastermind Guy. Jay helps Coaches and Experts with the programs Six Figure Events Mastery, the Six Figure Masterminds Bootcamp and Mastermind Mastery™: Create and Launch Your High-End Mastermind in 60 days.


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