How Media Coverage Can Boost Your Business

Oct 4, 2017

How Media Coverage Can Boost Your Business

How Media Coverage Can Boost Your Business

Media Coverage For Your Business

One of the challenges for small businesses is the issue of building a reputation and getting media coverage. Customer feedback and reviews certainly help, as does publishing great content on your website and social media but it’s easy to get lost in the sea of online marketing. You want to be seen, stand out and create a larger authority status for yourself and your business.

A very effective way to do this is to be recognized by the media as an industry leader or a company offering a groundbreaking product or service. Getting this media attention that allows you to prominently display the “as seen on” on your website provides an edge over the competition that will benefit your branding, marketing and exposure efforts.

To help understand how this helps your business, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Consumers drive media coverage – if your product or service is seen on one network or through one respected reviewer, it is very likely consumers will drive other networks or reviewers also to provide coverage. This increased coverage is great for branding as well as opening the door to personal interviews and invitations to speak, present or participate in conferences, webinars, professional presentations or even for podcasts.
  • Brand exposure – through online, television and other media exposure your brand becomes more recognizable and linked to quality, authority and industry leadership and innovation. Speaking gigs can also be a form of branding which reaches your target audience in a highly effective way.
  • Credibility – there is a strong link between exposure on national networks and through respected reviewers that adds credibility to your product. This assumed credibility has to be backed up by consumer experience over the long run, but it is a great way to get people to take the chance and buy your product or service.
  • SEO perks – when people use any search engine to look for your product or service it will have a significant impact on moving your website up the organic search engine rankings. It adds great backlinks to your website too, especially when they come from trusted sources like national channels and publications.
  • Viral content – a great review, interview or segment on a network, popular blog or even through a social media event can drive viral content about your product or service across social media. This is an amazing opportunity to not only have your product or service shared, but to have it shared by a trusted source.
  • It can create new business activity – having your name in national and well known publications, or on television can expose your business to more people and extend your reach. It allows you to create a larger pool of prospects to help grow your business.
  • Positive changes to perception – being syndicated on television, interviewed on a show or published in well known sites can change how a potential customer perceives you and your business. They will naturally think you are potentially bigger than you really are. This may be a huge benefit to some. It may even dispel myths that individuals may have about you and what you do.

The key to getting media coverage is to create a plan and a strategy. The entrepreneurs that get noticed are those that develop a plan to get their information in front of respected names in the news, online and social media industries.

The great news here is that Smooth Sailing Business Growth can get this done for you!

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