Meg Clarke on Creating A SEO Healthy Business

May 28, 2019

We know how important Search Engine Optimization is but implementing it can be a whole other story. We’ll be chatting with Clapping Dog Media Founder Meg Clarke, who is a master at growing organic traffic. We’ll be chatting about how to harness the power of Google and ensure your site is SEO healthy!

Lessons Learned from Meg Clarke

  • How can we tell if our site is ‘SEO Healthy’?
  • Meg shares her 3 step health check.
  • I’ve heard of a website and SEO audit, what can they reveal?
  • Do we need to do anything different or special for podcast posts?
  • What are your favorite SEO Tools and why?
  • What changes do you see coming through the pipes in 2019?
  • I love that you have on demand courses, can you share a bit of that?

Meg Clarke is the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media where she is a master at growing organic traffic. By using data, proven techniques, and years of experience, Meg and her team help to turn web visitors into raving fans that stick around. Meg is a passionate cheerleader for businesses. She teaches entrepreneurs how they can harness the power of Google so that they can make a larger impact on the world. When she is not learning the ins and outs of the latest algorithm update, Meg is enjoys playing with her three boys, husband and golden doodle – and company mascot, named Vader.

2 great tools shared are and