Top 5 Ways to Know You Need The Help of a VA

SSONLINE-BLOG-SEP23-2Many small business owners, and entrepreneurs are so used to doing EVERYTHING themselves, that once their business gets REALLY rolling they get caught up in this crazy roller coaster ride. From feeling stressed as soon as you wake up – you dream about all the tasks you need to do the next day, you work late nights and yet there are STILL projects that are hiding out on the back burner. Realizing that you don’t have to DO IT ALL alone is huge! Here are some hard questions to ask yourself to know that you are ready to have a VA help you with your business.

1. How many projects or tasks are NOT done on a week to week basis?

If you answered more than ONE – hey – lets be honest – they’ll never get done without some help.

2. Are you consistent with your blogs or social media posts?

No? Think of how many contacts (or leads) have dropped off your social media radar because of it. Keep them engaged and remain top of mind – a VA can keep you on track with content, scheduling AND engaging!

3. How much sales, development or revenue generating tasks do you do each day or week?

Don’t have time to get to that? Let a VA help you with the day to day, so you can focus on working ON your business, not IN your business and thus create more revenue.

4. What is your hourly time worth?

In other words think about your services, what you charge your clients, or your monthly revenue (and calculate your hourly worth). I bet it’s a lot higher than you realize. Now ask yourself this – would you pay someone that amount to answer emails, schedule social media posts, manage projects, edit videos, manage your calendar, create and schedule broadcast emails or ezines? I’m doubting it! Hire a VA to do THOSE tasks so that your valued time is used wisely and effectively to GROW your business in every sense.

5. What marketing elements are you NOT doing simply because you aren’t sure how or where to start?

Are you missing opportunities to grow your list because you aren’t sure how to start videos, how to create an e-book, an opt-in or landing page, or put on a Teleseminar or Webinar? Don’t feel you have to know everything there is about marketing. You are an expert in YOUR field. Let a VA be an expert in theirs and help you plan and implement these marketing techniques to bring in more leads (and sales)!

I could go on – but these are some big questions you can ask yourself. Having a team of people working for you and in your best interest is key to taking your business to the next level. End the stress, get peace of mind. Stop weathering it alone…

I want you to think of Smooth Sailing as your safe harbor. It’s your port in the storm which actually represents almost every day for fast paced growth oriented entrepreneurs. If this sounds good to you – find out how we can support you in your growth.  Email me (Lyndsay) at


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