Niche Down To Attract More Prospects

Aug 11, 2020


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Niche Down!

A big myth is that if you niche down, you’ll be turning away business and narrowing the number of prospects. It’s a TOTAL MYTH. Aaron and I share the benefits of niching down, ways you can niche down your business so that you can do the same and grow your authority platform, your expertise, number of prospects and rates!

Here is some of what we discuss:

  • Why having numerous types of investing and services may actually hurt your business.
  • Why niching down works.
  • How creating a niche actually increases your expert status dramatically.
  • How you can set yourself apart and stand out.
  • How you can attract your IDEAL client more effectively if you niche down.
  • Plus how it’ll actually help you save time.
  • How more opportunities will come your way when you niche down.
  • We share a ton of examples too!

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