Achieve Financial Freedom With The Side Hustle Nation

Dec 18, 2017

Enter The Side Hustle Nation And Achieve Financial Freedom

Enter The Side Hustle Nation And Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial Freedom

Nick Loper is the Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation and has been exploring non-job income opportunities and supporting an amazing community of aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs seeking to add a little more financial freedom and security to their lives.

He is also the host of the top-rated Side Hustle Show podcast.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is Side Hustle Nation and what does it mean?
  • What was your main goal?
  • What made you start your podcast?
  • What is the Listener Pyramid?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen?
  • What are some great ways to convert listeners to subscribers/raving fans?

Key Lessons Learned:

Side Hustle

  • A side hustle is a job or gig that you can do outside of your day job to make some extra money.
  • Nick was always looking for the chance to diversify his income. After running a footwear comparison shopping site, Nick did some soul searching and thought about what he wanted to be known for which is where the idea for the Side Hustle brand came from.
  • “Because your 9 to 5 makes you a living, but your 5 to 9 makes you alive.”
  • Nick never wanted to climb the corporate ladder, so after three years of working nights and weekends, Side Hustle Nation became Nick’s full time focus.
  • One of the toughest parts of being a solo entrepreneur is that if something is sitting on your to do list for a long time, no one else is going to motivate you to get it done.


  • Nick originally started his podcast from peer pressure. He missed the boat on Youtube and video marketing but iTunes was seen as the future.
  • He started off with very inexpensive equipment and free tutorials to figure out the process.
  • Nick’s podcast grew slowly and wasn’t an overnight viral success. He began by reaching out to his friends and family to download, listen, and leave reviews. You have to give it an initial push.
  • Once you get going, the algorithm takes over and makes it easier for people to find you.
  • Everyone starts from scratch and there’s value in every episode.
  • You have to keep the listener in mind when titling your episodes. What’s in it for them? When creating content, ask yourself what the hook is.
  • Make your podcast too good not to share.
  • A content upgrade strategy where you offer something extra to listeners is a good way to convert them to your email list. Nick realized that treating the podcast as a content marketing channel and not a business in itself was the mindset change he needed to make.
  • Consistency and results are the two main components of a great podcast. If you can deliver that, you will create raving fans.
  • Using the same language in your podcast is a way to create a rhythm that your listeners will respond to.
  • Don’t start a business around a passion, start around a skill and it will turn into a passion.

Listener Pyramid

  • The base of the pyramid is strangers, people who have never heard of you.
  • Listeners are the second tier, people who listen to your show at least once.
  • Above that, you have subscribers and fans. Subscribers consume your content regularly and fans are your advocates.
  • Even without an email list, you probably have a list of contacts and people you have interacted with online that can get you started.
  • Getting people who have never listened to a podcast before is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. The most overlooked tactic of podcast marketing is word of mouth.

Final Tips

  • Your friends and family are the first step in growing your podcast. Once you get the ball rolling, you just have to stay consistent, keep delivering value, and keep the momentum going.
  • Check out Side Hustle Nation to get inspired and begin your journey to financial freedom.

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