How And Why To Nurture Leads

Jun 21, 2017


Nurture leads and reap the residual benefits

Hey everyone. It’s Lyndsay with Smooth Sailing Business Growth and it’s a beautiful sunny summer day so I’m casual on a Monday and I’m actually having a Monday that’s not too crazy. Knock on wood.

I’ve had a couple things come up lately with some prospects and a couple of my clients. I find that a lot of entrepreneurs out there forget the importance of nurturing leads. Let me put this into perspective. Let’s say you have a lead magnet on your website where you’ve got a webinar coming up or whatever it may be. Once people get on your e-list, that is absolute gold. You really want to capitalize on that.

You want to engage with them and you want to nurture them. What I mean by that is you want to stay in touch. You want to stay top of mind. Whether you’re sending out a printed newsletter and nurturing them that way if you have their direct mail list address or at least send them out an e-newsletter. Send them out emails with free content. “Hey I made this up the other day. It’s a checklist. Thought you’d be interested,” or, “Hey I’ve got another webinar coming up. Maybe you’d like to register for that webinar”.

  • Giving them quick tips
  • Send them a video
  • Send them an inspirational quote
  • Send them news about what’s going on with you
  • Ask them questions.

You want to stay in touch and you want to nurture leads. Always serve them and give them more information so that they can grow their business or you can help them with their lives or their mindset or whatever your niche is.

You want to stay in touch. You can’t just have them come on to your e-list and (A) leave them be, or (B) promote¬†yourself or ask them to buy this. Ask them to pay for a class coming up. Ask them to buy a ticket to your event. You need to nurture leads. You need to create that rapport, that’s so important. You need to build that relationship. Build that trust. Share your expertise. Help them. Serve them and give them information that they will find useful. That is the key ingredient to nurturing and helping them along your sales funnel. Just making sure you don’t forget that whole nurturing aspect of your marketing because it’s really really crucial.

I obviously have tons of other tips to nurture leads on my website so you can go to and you can connect to my sister site with my videos and my blogs and my podcasts, Sailing to Success Podcast and of course if you want help creating these nurturing emails and newsletters and content, then go to my contact page at

Until next time folks, have a profitable & productive week and may the winds always be at your back.

How And Why To Nurture Leads

How And Why To Nurture Leads