Take Your Online Courses To A Whole New Level

Mar 7, 2017

Online Courses should be topic specific and affordable.

online coursesIf you have a special talent, skill or gift, creating an online course or tutorial can be a great way to advertise your business or to generate passive income. Many of these online courses are very popular due to their low price, specific information and the ability to combine text, graphics, video and multimedia presentation in a very pleasant and engaging learning experience.

There is a lot of planning that will be necessary for a successful online course. It has to be structured to provide information with a logical flow from the foundation or basic information to the more advanced or sophisticated.

online courses

Some of the top online platforms will help you in developing and marketing top-level professional courses. There are some differences in what each platform offers, so take your time and compare options before making a final choice.


This is a very user-friendly option that accepts all types of uploads when it comes to content. You can be creative and make a video, add your own audio or voice-over segments or simply add text.

The course can be set up to have different chapters, lessons or categories of information. The big advantage to Kajabi is that you can set your pricing for the course and the system is able to process payments in multiple currencies. This is very helpful if you are looking for a more international audience.

It is also a system that offers a comprehensive set of marketing tools. It makes retaining and engaging your target audience easy while also attracting new students.


Like Kajabi, thinkific is a content management system. It allows for uploads of multimedia and uses some wonderful templates that are very user-friendly. It is possible to create new and unique courses with this platform or even to import courses or content that may already be developed.

There is no need to use external hosting with this platform. It is a slightly lower price than Kajabi, but there are also fewer overall features, particularly when it comes to marketing offered with the basic package.

It is possible to set up drip lease course content that will automatically adjust to the individual student. It can also be set up for online group training, making it a great option for both individual and corporate types of sales.


Teachery offers a very low price option with many payment options. It is more simplistic than the other two platforms discussed with the embedding of audio, video and slideshows without hosting.

There are two basic templates to use with lots of options to customize. What this system lacks in the more elaborate features of Kajabi or thinkific it makes up for in ease of use and customer support throughout the course development phase.

Like the other two options, Teachery uses Stripe for payments, which makes it simple to set up accounts and offer options for students. It also allows for lesson scheduling or drip content options.

online courses

Whenever possible, take advantage of the free trials offered with these platforms. This will allow you to try out your options and then choose the one that is right for your comfort level and needs.