Online Hiring Made Easy with Nathan Hirsch

Mar 5, 2019

Get ready for some powerful tips about online hiring with Remote Hiring Expert and Co-Founder and CEO of

  • Having in house employees seems so old school and virtual assistants of some kind has grown so much yet we still feel fearful of hiring someone online – can you share the benefits of online hiring to help mitigate those fears?
  • What are 3 things you need to do BEFORE you look to freelance sites to set you up for success?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when hiring online?
  • How is Freeeup different?
  • Can you share some interviewing tips?

Nathan Hirsch also founded a monthly bookkeeping service for Ecommerce Sellers/agencies and where he teaches his hiring processes. He started his first eCommerce business out of his college dorm room and has sold over $30 million online. He is now the co-founder and CEO of, a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, and much more. He regularly appears on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, and speaks at live events about online hiring tactics.

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