Tools to help optimize your videos!

Jun 13, 2017

Optimize your videos

Video editing gives you an edge.

VideoEditingTools 1For those that follow me, know that I love tools to help you be more productive or optimize your content marketing. I just found a few new tools recently that I’d love to share – some I’ve started to use already and some I have only JUST delved into so can’t necessarily ‘vouch’ for them quite yet.


This tool provides instant animations for video intros, outros, and call to actions. They are quite creative and eye catching. It appears to be closed to the public right now, but I was able to snag a private offer at $67 – one time fee. Here are some features:

  1. Cloud based
  2. Easy to customize
  3. Lots of templates *albeit you have to pay to access more (they do give you a bunch of upgrade options)
  4. Professional effects for minimal cost
  5. No animation or visual effects skills needed – bonus right?


You Tube Buddy

I am really looking forward to diving into this one. It provides a TON of tools to help you run your YouTube channel in your browser at only $19 a month (there are some options). Here is a summary of it’s benefits:

  1. Increases productivity by streamlining the upload process
  2. Better video SEO
  3. Easy thumbnails
  4. Publish to Facebook natively with 1 click
  5. Extensive channel analytics
  6. Ability to analyze and see what your competition does


Convert Player

Please note:  Convert Player no longer exists as of January 2019 

I actually interviewed Simon Payne the owner and was pretty excited to check this one out. You can build call to actions AND opt in forms directly into your videos starting at $8/month.

  1. Opt-ins and Call To Actions directly in the video
  2. WordPress plugin available
  3. Easy social shares
  4. No coding required
  5. Increases your e-list
  6. Customizable so you can match your branding.

I’ve been using this for my videos now and also clients – check it out in action HERE

If you use any tools that have upped your video marketing please share! Message me on Facebook or shoot me an email at I am always looking for new ways to be more productive, streamline my procedures and ways to leverage and optimize content marketing for my business and clients.

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