Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions

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Optimizing Your Videos

Are you optimizing your videos?

Start optimizing your videos! It’s great to do live Facebook Videos and videos for YouTube, but what if there were steps you can take to get more eyeballs on your videos AND more people engaged in your social media, more YouTube subscribers grow your e-list and close more deals and sales? This episode shares tips on how to film a video, and optimizing your videos on YouTube along with my favorite tool to make it easy!

Here are some tips I cover:

  • I share tips on how to film the video to get more views, engagement, and opt-ins.
  • Plus I share some ways for optimizing your videos for SEO – Title, Description.
  • Why I use a description template to move people from YouTube to my website or social platforms.
  • What tags are on YouTube and how to use them.
  • My favorite video tool for optimizing your videos.
  • And why the thumbnails matter.


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Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions


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Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions


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Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions

Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions
Optimizing Your Videos For More Views & Conversions
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